Project "Fallen Hero"

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  1. A few misc pics. More on the website. None of th epainted bay yet. Should have them on Saturday




  2. Bay painted




  3. Im touched

    This is pretty nice to see you all do this im sure he is looking down at you all now good work guys good to see nice people still exist in this world.
  4. new pics?
  5. Sorry, i just haven't been able to swing by to take pics. Work's been ongoing. Trying to get paintwork on the exterior done in 2 weeks. might have pics then
  6. Been a while...but

  7. Body is going in to be painted in the next few weeks. So this winter should be mostly reassembly
  8. Coming along great! Can't wait to see it finished!

  9. Any updates?
  10. Unfortunately no. We were trying to have it painted and trying to get a date to get it in but that looks like it will have to wait, so not we are organizing to get it driving...or possibly display it in the upcoming World of Wheels show here in Boston
  11. Mustang5L5 Is that like about a '69 ford torino in the corner of that first picture ?
  12. Wow. That is awesome. :)
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Project is still alive and kicking. We actually had a bunch of donations lately that will get us closer to the goal.

    Right now the entire suspension and brakes are in the trash because we got an entire suspension setup donated to us from mixed vendors.

    Stay tuned...this car will be done even if it's taking a long time :(
  14. Good news me I know all about taking a long time :D
  15. Worked on the car yesterday. All new front suspension went on with 100% donated parts.


    -Ford Racing A arms
    -New Struts
    -UPR springs
    -New rotors, calipers, pads, brake lines,
    -spindles blasted and powdercoated.

    Rear suspension coming soon with new upper and lower control arms and springs from UPR.

    Pics coming soon..i think :)

    Next Sunday....i'll be at the Pats game watching them spank the Jets! :) So no work that day :(

  16. Sounds like some good progress. Have fun at the Pats you lucky son of a b*#ch :D
  17. Congrats! Sounds great!
  18. We're in!!

    Glad I reached you guys in time, we'll make sure that interior is as amazing as you're making the rest of the car!