question about gold class wax

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Saleen4971, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. my sisters boyfriend got me a meguiars car care gift set for x-mas, and it came with "gold class clear coat liquid car wax" can i apply this stuph over 9 and 7? i love 26, but i figured if i have this i might as well use it. anybody here used it? how does it look?
  2. Unfortunately it would not be a good idea. I once asked the same thing myself. The gold class has cleaners in it (hence cleaner wax) and will remove the #7. You could use it over #9 since the #9 is gone once you apply it but the #7 is like an oil and a lot of it will be removed with the GC thus nullifying all your hard work. :(
  3. it doenst say "cleaner wax" on it. just "clear coat lquid car wax" :shrug: ok then, i guess ill use this stuph on my grampas dakota and save the good stuph for the gf's parents cars, and my car, and my dads car, and the towncar....haha

    so if i use the DAP to apply this, i should use it at the same speed as i woudl with #26?

    how do you clean the pads for your DAP btw?
  4. It's ok to use it -- i do the 9-7-26 treatment once/twice a year and use Gold Class in between to keep the shine up. Works and looks great. Also very easy to apply and buff.
  5. That wax isn't a cleaner wax. It will work just fine.