35th Anniv question referring to LE authenticity-

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  1. If someone is claiming to have a 35th LE , but their car doesn't have ALL the specific int/ext upgrades (assuming it hasn't been wrecked) it is NOT an official LIMITED edition 35th anni GT?

    ==> by specific int/ext upgrades im referring to the following:

    -upgraded spoiler (same as +01 GT)*
    -honeycomb rear panel between tail lamps
    -special edition flush sideskirts*
    -special edition hood scoop*
    -upgraded side scoops (same as +01 GT)
    -black hood decal descending infront of hood scoop*
    -black interior carpet (with black mats)*
    -black leather seats (with silver inserts/stitching)*
    -black dash (with silver trim)*
    -aluminum shifter knob*
    -aluminum instrument cluster bezel
    -machined 5 spoke wheels with black inserts*

    everyone of the limited edition gt's were made with these? There weren't some made with only a couple of features upon customer request?

    obviously im asking this for a reason... a guy is trying to sell me his "limited edition" gt claiming it is 1 of the 515 of the crystal white clear coats made, but it doesn't have a lot of the features mentioned above... actually all the ones i put an asterik by he does NOT have.

    do 35th limited editions come with a certificate of proof, and or a build#?

    thanks in advance for any help/suggestions,

    btw- here's a link to the classifieds page he's selling it on:
    note, the price isn't bad whether it is authentic or not. IMO
  2. That is not a true 1999 "Limited Edition" GT. Not at all.

    There are several ways to spot a real one. Mainly, the items you've listed above. Their are other things too. The window sticker plainly states "Limited Edition" option 54Y(pretty sure of that) that added an additinal $2600 to the price. Also, there is a body buck tag behind the driver side headlight that is stamped "35TH".

    If I had the VIN# I could check it, but am 100% sure its not a real.

    That guy is a liar.

  3. thanks for the help man, i wasn't sure so i was hesitant to call him out.

    it started to piss me off because when i was talking to him on the phone he was telling me "i could be charging somewhere around $10,500 which is suggested retail by NADA for a 'good' condition LE, and for a 'great' condition it says i could ask for as much as $14,200... so im giving a great deal."

    thanks again.
  4. its pretty easy just to slap a pair of side scoops, honeycomb panel, and ins. cluster bezel on the car. get the vin to voorhees to be sure though
  5. its pretty easy just to slap a pair of side scoops, honeycomb panel, and ins. cluster bezel on the car. get the vin to voorhees to be sure though
  6. I will say this. Even after 7+ years, many people still don't know what a true "Limited" was. Heck, check out ebay and just about every 1999 Mustang for sale will have "35th Anniversary Edition" or something in variation of that. Ford was at fault for that. Even though all 1999 Mustangs had the simple "35th" badge on the fender, its hard to get that in peoples heads.
    Seems however that this guy is trying to find a sucker.
  7. i can testify to that. i thought all '99s were limited editions, and just assumed some came with more accessories than others.

    i will try and get the vin number.

    thanks again! :nice:
  8. Definately NOT a 35th! Car doesnt have 3/4 of the options a 35th has.
  9. hey jason,

    i was able to get the vin#, it is as follows:

    if you could run that for me, i would greatly appreciate it!!
    thanks again!
  10. see my PM.

    However, I will state publicly, It is NOT a real 35th "Limited" GT. The first three digits of the VIN begin 114...the very first "Limited" started 118...
  11. do you have the ability to run the report? i would like to show it to him if possible.
    also for peace of mind.

    thanks again!
  12. nevermind, its a peace of ****. car sucked.