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  1. Hey all, new guy here. I am picking up a ford focus for cheap off of a friend. I have to do some minor body work to it and put a motor in it. I already have a stock focus with a few mods but I was thinking of doing something with a cobra motor in the other focus. What are the major differences in the years of cobra motors? What motor would you all recommend? Sorry im just out in the dark when it comes to V8's but im learning. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  2. I think you should do something like this... complete '03 motor and drivetrain in a Focus! The guys down at did this one.



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  3. looks good but 70K for the complete conversion is a bit much. I just want something to do over the winter and next spring because my other project is almost done and just want something else to do. Thanks for the links. Also, anyone know where to come about a wrecked cobra? I know of I was just wondering if there are any others out there?

  4. You are aware that this will be a complete rebuild of the car? You will be converting a front-wheel drive car to rear-wheel drive which will require a completely new floor pan. You will have to fabricate a new rear axle and a custom front suspension. The engine compartment will have to be redesigned. 70 grand sounds pretty cheap to me.
  5. So how much would I be lookin at to add an '03 engine to my '01?
  6. It would be cheaper, less of a headache and yeild more power to just strap a intercooled Kenne Bell on.

    About 70k, that seems cheap considering the car looks like it came that way from the factory. Those pics look great!! :nice:
  7. I saw a new crate engine advertised in one of the Mustang rags for just under $9,000 but I agree with RydeOn. That's the same reason I'm going to put one on our '96. I could buy an '03, but for the price of 6 month's payments on that I can supercharge our paid for-sub 50,000 mile-cherry condition '96 and have the same power in a (in my opinion) better looking package and still not have a car payment.
  8. What would it take to put the Cobra into the GT?
  9. I've been kicking ideas around ever since the '03 Cobra came out. Should I buy the '03? What if I put an '03 engine in my? But if I'm thinking on those lines I should just stick to supercharging my '01. In the end, it's cheaper and possibly faster.

    Oh yea, I like the look of the '96 style myself. (MHO). :nice: