Random Stalling At Stop Lights And When Idling

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  1. Okay, to start off I'll give you a little background on my car. I have a 2006 V6 Mustang (Automatic Trans) with 67K miles. It has an Air-Raid Cold Air Intake, with a dual exhaust, Shelby mufflers and an automatic start. I bought the car used and am the third owner of the vehicle, I've only put about 10K miles on it myself in the last year. Roughly a month ago I was pulling up to a stop light, came to a complete stop and when I went to accelerate and turn left i had no throttle. All my gauges remained in place and the just dropped and I knew my car had quit. I pulled over, turned it back on and everything ran fine. Two days later I was once again sitting a light and my car began to shake and jerk and then stalled out. I restarted it and it immediately stalled again. On the third attempt I revved up the engine a little to get it moving and was on my way. Later that night while sitting in heavy traffic it began to shake and the RPM's would bounce dangerously low (Below 500) up to about 750, where it normally idles. I once again had to shift to neutral give it a little gas and limp home.Through all of that not a single check engine light or wrench was thrown, adding more to my puzzle. I did some research and found that my problem seemed to be caused by a dirty throttle body. Sure enough I pulled the TB off the next morning and it was just completely black. I cleaned it with some CRC TB cleaner, got it looking new and drove it around for about 15 minutes because it usually does it after its been running for a while, didn't have a single issue and I thought I was in the clear. That lasted about three days before it would lightly shake again then resume its normal idle so I Ignored it. About a week later my dad and I decided to take it into our local mechanic who has worked on our vehicles before and we trust to give it a good look over. Since I purchased it I am the only one to do maintenance on it. (Oil change every 3K miles with regular Air Filter cleanings, Etc.) He changed my fuel filter but couldn't find anything wrong and told me to come back if it got so bad the shaking occurred every time the car came to a stop. That same day I went to the grocery store and used my remote start and when the car started it held its RPM's up at 3K and then over a course of a minute slowly dwindled to 1K. The next day I used my remote start and pulled out of my driveway, for a solid two miles I drove at 60 MPH without my foot on the gas or cruise control on. Needless to say i have since removed the remote start from my keychain. When I began slowing down for the red light my car jerked down to first gear slammed me forward jerked forward, the wrench came on and I immediately shut my car off and let it sit for a second and then restarted it without a problem. So it ran fine for a few more weeks with occasional shaking, it doesn't do it every time which is where my problem lies. My car literally randomly decides to do this. Once its driving there isn't a problem. This brings us to yesterday, It shook as I backed into the garage and at this point I was fed up with the issue because it was a violent shaking the whole time I was backing up. So I went to auto zone and purchased some CRC Mass Air-Flow Sensor cleaner as my last ditch attempt to fix the issue. I cleaned it after being extremely cautious with it re-installed it and took my car for a 40 minute test drive to see if I had solved it. Once again it seemed as if I had, MPG's went up and my throttle response improved. Later that day I headed over to my girlfriends house and we ate dinner and went to leave about an hour earlier. Got in, started the car, got me GPS set and it stalled. No sputtering or shaking it just stalled. I restarted it and went to shift into reverse and it wouldn't shift until it suddenly jerked backwards. Before we had left her sub the shaking returned violently at the stop sign and then RPM's returned to normal. I chose to push on with our trip, we drove an hour away to a high ropes course in West Bloomfield. My car sat for about 3 hours from 7-10PM. When we got back I went to start my car and it would start, then immediately die. I repeated this a few more times before I pumped the throttle to get some gas flowing and it started up but held its RPM's around 2K before slowly dropping down. I had to shut off the car and let the computer reset then restart it and she ran fine for the rest of our ride home. If you have any suggestions please let me know because I really need to get this corrected as soon as possible!
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