Expired Rear Aluminum Louver & Roush Side Louvers

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  1. I have a couple of items for sale of my 2006 Black Mustang GT. Both items are used but, barely used. My car has 9000 miles on it and these parts have seen maybe 2000

    Items for Sale (or trade):

    1.) Aluminum Smooth Rear Window Louver (Black) for sale for 2005-2010. New $469.99. Asking $350 OBO

    2.) Roush (black) side quarter panel window louvers. Asking $110 OBO

    Items I am looking for as potential trades:

    1. Axle Back Exhaust (what kind do you have?)
    2. Lowering springs. My car sits on 20" black bullets so I think 1.5" is a good drop for me.
    3. Hurst Shifter (handle knob, linkage..)
    Open to hear others, but those are what I am looking to get.

    You can email me directly at [email protected].

    Thanks and happy motoring :flag:
  2. New Prices...

    These parts need to go.

    Rear Aluminum Louvers - $300.00
    Rear Side Roush Louvers - $100.00

    Both parts are like new. No defects, etc. Side louvers 3m foam is still sticky and in tact. Brackets etc included with rear louver.

    Got some springs, looking for Exhaust, Intake or Radar Detector (maybe..)

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  3. were you ever able to sell these?
  4. very interested

    do you still have rear and side louvers if so do they fit a 2011?
  5. yea they will fit..i have these on mine
  6. mustang louvers

    i have a set of pypes mufflers in ss painted black to tradefor the back window louvers only
  7. Quarter Window Louvers

    I will take the Louvers off your hands, email me at [email protected] to to discuss. Have a black 07 gt, these will look great. Thanks
  8. rear louver

    is it still up for grabs? winter is coming,i will make an offer if its available,thanks Chris
    very interested
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