Released to ship - Where are the cars?

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  1. As soon as I heard about the rear axle problem, I didn't really believe it either. Because like others have said, it's basically the same rear end Mustangs have had for years. But the guy at our dealership (again I work there so I deal with these guys everyday) told me that he knows one of the head engineers at the place making the rear axle housings. That's just what I've been told, so it's all I can really say. Obviously time will tell, but I think everything's going to be just fine. Ford isn't perfect, niether is anyone else, but they won't screw up our Mustang. :nice:
  2. The suspension is all new isnt it? Maybe the problem is not within the axle itself but with compatibility.
  3. Holy cow sure are alot of impatient people out there, does everyone realize once these cars are released there are going to be a dime a dozen on the street and the price will be inflated... My dealer told me they can't wait because they are going to mark up a ton and they know people are going to pay the price just because of the hype. I ordered an 03' Mach but got the price in writing ahead of time because I knew they were going to jack up the price, and they did on the other cars they got. I was also told if you don't put a deposit down ahead of time they can also slam you and you are not guaranteed a car, its 1st come first serve and I know they will sell out quick. I am holding out for the different options in the spring i.e. 18" wheels and other surprises not released yet and possibly the special and limited editions released. By mid-November everyone is going to have your special ordered red GT coupe in their garage especially all those high school kids....Food for thought for those chomping at the bit..... :D
  4. Oh yeah, I am very impatient. And I think I have a right to be. I am one hungry, crazy mustang wanting fool! I've got my price, I've already placed my deposit in July, now I want something physical in my hands....

    I drove by just a few minutes ago, and I didn't see anything. But when they get mine, it better go inside and not even let a slobbering fool drool on it.

    What kind of prep is there when a new car comes in?
  5. You're going to wait a hell of a lot longer than spring for the special editions from Ford. Maybe the tuners will be out though :shrug:

    Now how will the cars be a dime a dozen, but be marked up at the same time? :scratch: If supply is low, then price will be high because you don't have many places to go. If supply is high, the dealer knows that if you don't like their price, you can pack up and go somewhere else.

    It's going to be a nice car, but there's nothing about it that would make me pay a premium.
  6. It is possible that there is a problem because several things are different with the '05 rear end gears and axle.

    1. '05 ATX / V6 Ratio is 3.31, old ratio was 3.27, so the gears ARE different.

    2. In one of the early '05 Mustang articles they said that the rear axle tubes are larger in diameter (the outer tubes that the drive axles sit inside). This means that not only are the tubes different, but the grear housing has to be different as well as the parts on the wheel end. I don't know if this is only for the GTs or the V6s too.
  7. so i went to a nostalgia car race/car show this weekend sponsored by chrysler, and joked about how if it was sponsored by ford, there would have been 2005 mustangs there. Now for the interesting part - as we were leaving yesterday walking throught the parking lot, there was a bright yellow 2005 GT! Needless to say we gawked for a while, so long that the security guys came over not just once, but twice, and finally asked us to leave! The mustang had Michigan dealer plates on it, even though I am in San Diego, but i do not think it was driven from Michigan, as the tires were brand new, even the little rubber stubs on the sides of the tread were still there. Took a bunch of pics, but not with a digital camera, other wise I would post em!
  8. I totally buy this idea. Why wouldn't you want these cars to make a big suprise entry??
  9. I spoke with someone who works at a dealer this weekend, and he's a friend, so I trust him. He says they have maybe 400-500 completed right now, but found some preproduction problems, and have been holding them back to be sure it gets released with no issues. He said production didn't even begin on these cars until the 22 of last month. Projected delivery date is the last week of this month.

  10. Yeah, NHTSA won't certify the 1.21 jigawatts it takes to activate it. It was also jumping into time before the 88mph mark which was loosing alot of test drivers.
  11. Mine is scheduled for Newark, NJ train depot today 10/11. :banana:
  12. how did you find this out Pony Express? How did you determine where it was?
  13. well with luck, wtf does that

    I don't understand how this can't be like UPS or Fedex....can't you use your vin number as a tracking number? hahaha
  14. My dealer told me today from his latest report. I think he had this info late last week.

    He said with some luck I can have the car in a few days.
  15. I just want to see one up close. I missed the caravan this summer when they had a couple here. I won't get one right away because 1) mark-up will be high and 2) conversely they won't budge on sticker. '06 is my goal.

    Anyway I saw a truck loaded with C6 Vettes last week. Very nice looking car. Too much for me though.
  16. I put a deposit on my GT yesterday. San Diego area dealer has an expected delivery date of Oct 15th.

    So, how's the weather between Flat Rock and San Deigo?

    Some SoCal dealers have no problem letting you know there is going to be a premium on the GTs. LA area as high as $3800 over sticker, and SD area $2000 over.

    I'm paying close to sticker and I'm a cheap bastard.
  17. I too put my deposit on a new black 05 GT yesterday.

    Dealer said 6-8 weeks. I am the 21st order in their dealership. thats a lucky numbr imo. lol.

    Oh, they did say they were getting two 05's scheduled for the 14th. We shall see. :banana:
  18. anyone who pays over sticker is well ummm...
  19. There are idiots who will pay over sticker, I stopped by to pick up the brochure day before yesterday and my saleman said they expect two this week, a V6 :notnice: and a GT, he has the V6 already sold and told me if I wanted the V8 I could have it for $1000 over MSRP, I told him to go pack sand and I would go elsewhere if they were going to treat a repeat customer like that, but again I will wait, I might get a Roush which will be out Nov 1, or possibly wait till the spring when rebates and the other options come out, the 18" wheels are awesome, I honestly don't like the wheels Ford is offering on them, they are just plain. Anyways a ton of them are going to be pounding the street in the next week or two so I will wait, its still hard to give up my 03' Mach, its one bad machine.
  20. I emailed a bunch of SoCal dealers in LA, San Diego, and Palm Springs. I let them know what I wanted, how much I was willing to pay, and waited. I hooked onto someone who wanted to sell a car at a reasonable price, and sent a deposit. I told those who wanted more than sticker that patience is a virtue, that Ford is making 160000+ Mustangs this year, and that I'm perfectly willing to wait (I lied).

    Can't wait....Might actually be driving it on I-5 this weekend.