Removing DIS system and running distributor

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  1. Hi all, I keep having to replace my ICM in my '91 2.3, and was wondering if any of you have, or if it is possible to remove that stuff and install an older distributor/single coil setup on my engine. I noticed the port for the distributor is still there, and has a rubber cap on what looks like a steel plug where it would go. Is the distributor drive still there on the enternals? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. yes the internals are there. im running a 1993 block in my 87 with the 87 head on it. i kept the head due to the work i have done on it.
  3. Thanks manny! Besides drilling and tapping a hole for the distributor hold down, was there any other mods you had to do to the block?
  4. i did not have to drill and tap anything for the dist hold down, the hole was there. all i had to do was get rid of the sensor on the crankshaft and then put my pullies on and i was good to go.
  5. Keep in mind Manny already had the wiring there since his is an 87. You will need to rewire the ignition to fire the TFI instead of the ICM. See stinger performance's tech article on wiring for 91-93 mustangs. Although you are swapping in a turbo motor the info is there to covert to a distributor from DIS. It isn't. Extremely difficult but you need to read it before you go buy a distributor.
  6. Meant to say although you AREN'T swapping in a turbo motor.
  7. Thanks bonestock, I wish i could swap in a turbo motor at this time, but workspace and funds aren't available yet. Thank you for your input, and guess i need to reinspect my block, i just glanced at it and didn't see a hole for a hold down. I am good at electrical systems, so i am not too worried about re-wiring, but will deff check out stinger's info. Thanks to you and manny!
  8. The hold down bolt is there. In the DIS motors there is a dog bone for lack of a better word that is secured by the bolt that would normally hold the distributor in place. Check back in if you run into any trouble on the swap!
  9. also the small shaft has a different gear pitch than older distributors . I ate the gear up using a late shaft in an early 2300