Ricers say they can beat a 5.0L Mustang, haha read this...

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  1. Well in my town, a lot of ricers will tell me "I can beat a 5.0L Mustang with my [civic, neon, VW, etc...]"... Well This weekend I put two ricers in their place. The first one was a silver civic coupe (looked like a 1999 or +) with a huge "HONDA POWER" sticker on the back window and large fart pipe. He was in front of me and he floored it from a light, I was almost pushing him up to 100mph pretty easy to do too. I didn't need to really push my car to do so. I could have passed him but I didn't want to do a real "street race" side by side at those speeds.

    Second ricer in a neon with fart pipe. This guy pulls next to me at a red light, wanting to pass me on the right. Nope - light turns green and I shift my car as fast as I can, keeping the neon at my rear 1/4 panel not giving him room to pass me. He was really pressing on it, because I heard his 4 hamsters go like a bastard... I let off once he got in back of me, not passing the speed limit too much.

    Anyway I laughed pretty hard... Oh did I mention that I WASN'T IN MY MUSTANG! I WAS IN MY HYUNDAI ACCENT (2002 4 door GL with the 1.6L 107hp 4 banger and 5 speed). Next time some ricer tells me he can beat a 5.0L Mustang I'll ask him to race against my daily driver first. I feel like putting in a dry 50 shot of NAWWS in the Accent and go the the friday night street races (at the track) to piss off some ricers. Most of them (99%) are in the 17-20 second range. I seriously wonder what's wrong with the youth in my town. I mean to get beat by a hyundai Accent, I'd go and hide if I was them.
  2. Well, its kinda like how they buy the slowest Civic they can buy (cuz its cheapest) and then soup it up.

    I honestly think that ricers buy thier 4-bangers so that they can get good gas mileage....NEWSFLASH!!! fast cars dont get good gas mileage. the money they could've saved on gas they put 3 times as much trying to make their car go as fast a stock 5.0 (if even), then they put turbos on 'em and crap and they get even worse gas mileage than us...

    some people are just too UNBELIVEABLE!!!
  3. It's because they don't weigh much... and I think they are brain-washed into thinking a FWD 4 banger is some sort of sport car... :shrug:
  4. For as slow as they say a mustang is, that does seem to be their holy grail.
  5. ive put a many a civis and integra to shame, lots of k20 swaps and gsr b18c cars as well, by bus lenghts.
  6. the 5.slow would of lost lol
  7. Back when my 5.0 had a stock engine I lost to a 4-door Neon with a $500 turbo setup. :scratch:
  8. of course YOU'd say THAT... Every mid to low 14 second 4 banger has only $500 in mods... Or can beat your Mustang, you sound like you have a 15 or 16 second AOD Mustang and are in love with Honda because with a turbo, engine swap and NOS they can beat you in a race.
  9. I have a 12 second Mustang, I know imports can be made fast, when the right person owns one. There are a lot of slow ones out there, but some fast ones. Just the other day in SC I was picking on some Imports. One kid in a Tiburon with some stuff done, and I had an easy 500 lbs of luggage and me and a passenger (so 900 lbs added to the car). The Tiburon didn't want to play, even though he would have had a decent shot. Another Civic down there didn;t want to play either.

    The one race I got was with a turbo car. We ran from about 30-40 to about 110-120 (closed course) and he had maybe a car on me at the top end. But this was a turboed 5.0 that put down 350/420 on the dyno :D!
  10. I wish I could find one of these $500 turbo kits.. :shrug:
  11. Well if you know how to weld, and don't mind an old used turbocharger... :shrug: I doubt it would take a 16-17 second car down to low 14's though...
  12. The ones that have fast cars don't boast about it because they just know. My friend has a 550HP to the ground b18 civic. No it doesn't pass smog and gas mileage is crap but he did it for fun. That car is just damn fast. It is just his hobby.
  13. Street racing FTL. :notnice:
  14. it's not a race when both cars have less torque than what the motor in your washing machine can provide :D
  15. In fact.....they shouldn't even be considered CARS. :D
  16. i raced an old beater regal in my 82 f150, there was a state trooper behind us that didnt even know we were racing. hahaha! not a ricer tale but there as slow as ricers.
  17. All ricers are GHEY!!!!!!!!!!!! And they say that they can beat Mustangs, because the Mustang is the most desireable car, and they WISH they could AFFORD one!!!! I hate those kids. I had two 18-19 year old punks, trying to race me in the notch this weekend. They egged me on for 2 miles, I finally revved it up at the lights and they launched HARD!!!! I stayed put, and they got pulled over!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. Yeah I kill all these kids in neons, civics and talons in my Grand Marquis, a freakin BRICK. With only cold air. Which was kinda a mistake on my dads part when we were replacing some parts. I could get a supercharger for it, just to mess with kids.( Vics have the same engines)
  19. Sadly a clean mid 90's civic goes for around the same price as a 97GT Mustang around here :nono: People in this town are retarded (I'm moving out of here next year, going to the country with the farmers).
  20. ha ya around here ALL ricers and my stock 5.0 i feel soemthing is wrong with ti casue im not liek blowing by these guys liek i wish i could i just rebuilt the thing (still stockish) but idk mayb they got more than i think they do ha but they are fun at tiems i remember while i was building my mustang i had this cheap S-10 i bought in the mean time it ended up kinda breakin on me so i had to keep reving it at lights and this galant started reving his engine iw as liek oh god haha then he took off and i was just messsin with him i tok off and liek blew by him it was FUnny my friend was in the truck with me liek WTF? ha the guys fartcan as liek BRAMMMMMMMMM
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