Rio Red Progress Thread...

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  1. 1999 Torch Red GT with Parchment interior, 5 speed with 57k original miles. The car has Bassani X Pipe and cat back, Predator tune, C&L CAI, 80mm MAF, Steeda underdrive pulleys, Jamex(?) lowering springs, Mach 1 chin spoiler and grille delete, smoked headlights, Pro 5.0 shifter, 3:73s, and deep dish black Bullits. It also has a Pioneer deck and MTX amp, soon to have a single 15" sub in the trunk.

    Today I cleaned the entire car for over 8 hours. I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet, floor mats and seats, thoroughly removed and cleaned nearly every interior plastic, cleaned all of the glass, and washed and waxed the exterior. I also picked up some Turtle Wax Chrome polish and rust remover for the rusty Bassani tail pipes. Check out the before and after pics and see how AMAZINGLY the stuff works-- highly recommended!

    Let me know what you all think.

    This pic is BEFORE I shampooed the seats and carpeting.
    Bassani tail pipe BEFORE chrome polish:
    Bassani tail pipe AFTER chrome polish (and a ton of elbow grease): :D
  2. Sweet lookin' 2v!

    Now stick with these damn cars! :fuss: lol
  3. Did you sell the notch?
  4. Thanks man. And it's an illness. Don't judge!!

    Nope, still here.
  5. Very nice. I dig the interior. After seeing so many in black it's refreshing to see this color combo. Looks like it's been well cared for. If you didn't know, Torch Red is also known as Colorado Red. Believe it or not some Ford dealers have no idea what Torch Red is.

    Congrats and enjoy. Much more civilized than your Fox for sure, but it lacks the torque. A set of 4.10s will solve that!
  6. I need to get another 2v. Sweet car!
  7. nice ride, i drive one now as well its nice having a stang to drive and I like that it still gets good gas millage
  8. awesome GT :nice:

    i have the same color combo and i actually wish i had the charcoal interior :rlaugh:
  9. Thanks for the compliment! That's interesting about the color code thing. I just assumed Torch Red was the standard name. I REALLY love the interior color combo on this car. I've had foxes with grey interiors and swapped them all to black, but this is different and I never see it. It's also clean as hell. I do believe I'm keeping the 3:73s for the "fuel economy" though. :D


    Thanks S&B! I have the Predator 87 octane tune on it now and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

    Thanks! In 25 years if you still have the car you'll be glad you have the Parchment interior. :)
  10. Nice car man! My car is the same color, inside and out! :)
  11. Very nice!! Love those gloss black Bullitt's against the red. What a nice shine on that paint too!! Kudo's!!
  12. I reflashed the computer and I think I have the strange idle problem solved for now. Anyway, due to some serious damage that was done to the lip of the 17"x10" Bullitt on the rear of the car, I had to change wheels. I would have needed one wheel and four tires, and that's out of my price range at the moment. Instead, I traded for a set of 18x9 Cobra R's with almost-new tires on them. They aren't perfect, and I prefer the look of the black Bullits, but these will have to do for now.

  13. The R wheels look a 1000000xs better then the black bullitts.
  14. I'm not sure I agree yet but they're slowly growing on me. Thanks for the compliment though! I still think the car needs some black FR500s. :nice:
  15. 2000 Cobra R's FTW!!! Black Bullitts are starting to get old to me. I traded mine for my 18x9 polished Saleens. Don't regret it a bit.
  16. looks sick.
  17. Wow....the Cobra R's look good!
  18. dude the cobra r's look badass! leave em! Everyone has bullets but those cobra r's stand out bigtime..
  19. Lemme know how she does come winter time. I want a new edge stang for a DD but with the winters in jersey it worries me lol