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  1. Please Ford!!!!!! Please reinstall the "SHELBY" label on the trunk lid like in the concept.

    At the very least, I'm sure someone will sell the lettering. 3M tape and a ruler later and then we're set.
  2. The reason they moved it to the left was so they could add that third tail-light, which lowers insurance rates, on a car that will be pretty much impossible to insure.:rolleyes:
  3. By that I assume you mean federally mandatory?
  4. Lookin at that back end pictures makes me realize that Ford/Shelby need to work some more on the rear end !
    I have seen better aftermarket rear bumpers! It needs something BOLD and more revealing pipes IMO . Hope they will take care of it for the production or else it will look pretty much as boring as an stock 05! Just my $.02
  5. true enough. i liked the concept as well, but when the rumor was they were not even going to have the shelby name on it, i was just happy to see it there somewhere. :nice: it's too bad they didn't mount that 3rd light in the spoiler, although the cost would have gone up a touch.
  6. Is it required now?
  7. Where have you been, Rip Van Winkle?

    Center brake lights have been mandatory in the United States starting with teh 1987 model year - so that's 20 model years ago! :bang:
  8. Thanks I had to work so missed the reply.
  9. All that matters is that there is "SHELBY" written somewhere on it. I like the small places also that has the "SHELBY" name on it.:D

  10. Boy I'm old, I remember putting one on my roadster because it brought my insurance down.:D
  11. I would have thought they could have moved it to the top of the rear window using some small led's like the used on the 06 town car or something similar, and kept the big chome letters. I liked it allot more than the little letters over to the side, I am sure that move saved them 20 or 30 bucks a car.
  12. I agree. I think the chrome letters right across the trunk lid looked much better than what they finally decided to go with. I also think the original recessed hood scoops looked much better than the black hood "vents" they decided to go with for the production version. Oh well.