Saleen Taillight Cover.. oo no

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by V-Viper, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Well I just got my 94-95 black Saleen taillight covers in the mail today. Got all happy cleaned my lights with achool. I peeled off the red strips inside the cover, I then lined it up and pressed them on the taillights. lol they just fell off. The film seems to be sticky but very weak. Maybe bacause it is cold out it froze? :shrug: Need some help, I dunno if I have to go out and by some 3MM thing or is there something im missing with this grayish film on it? Thx.
  2. long did it take them to ship em to you? I've been waiting about 3-4 months for mine. When I called Saleen a while back they just said "Uh..Well..we won't be gettin those in for a long time." Maybe since you got yours that means I'll be getting mine in soon.
  3. Must be the cold..How cold was it???

    They stick like a mofo...its usually a one shot deal, there so damn sticky....
    Mine been on for like 5 yrs, never a problem....
  4. WERD!!!

    You have to make sure they are lined up because they are hard to pull off.

    Anyway..Just go to WALMART in the Auto section by the paints/sand paper...they have "molding adhesive tape" or some $hit like that. It is almost the same as what is on the light covers.

    You have to make sure it is REALLY dry when you stick them on. Also, You may wanna paint the covers...that black plastic looks like A$$.. I used Kryon Fusion, black.

  5. Yah, gotta be the cold like rio said. Mine went on easy and don't look like they are gonna come off any time soon either. That was a year and a half ago.

    Oh, And it took Saleen "6 weeks" to get them here...back then.
  6. Thx for the info guys. Ill be sure to check Walmart for that 3MM tape 94GTLaserRC, hopefully they'll have that Kryon Fusion too cuz I've noticed how dull the black is.:notnice:

    I ordered the covers last friday in the afternoon and they where shipped out from CA to here in MA and I got them today (1 week after)... so they must be in stock.
  7. V-Viper...i think you get in a garage and warm it up some you'll be ok.....just hit them with some Armorall or the like...they'll have a nice sheen to em....thats all i have ever done, just Armorall on a rag and wipe em, they still look new....
  8. Yea, they gotta be warm. I took mine off and brought them inside since they were XMas gifts.

    Try ordering anything from Saleen takes a year and a day. I ordered floor mats and 9 months later they arrived. Best thing to do is to order them and forget about them. When they arrive, you'll feel all special and suprised. :p

    California Mustang has the tail light covers for $89 I think.
  9. Just called Saleen again...This time they couldn't even find my order. So then I just said eh screw it and reordered them. Then he said again "Oh we won't be getting these in for a long time." Just like last time I called. Then I let him know people on Stang Net had just gotten theirs recently, and he said oh wait let me check..then he said they should be here in a Hopefully this time I'll get em.