Saw a 2010 GT in person *pics*

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  1. On my next oil change, I will. Going to call my Dealership to see when they are going to have one in, cuz I want to see the difference and feel the difference if there is any. Started out in 05........upgraded to 07. Not sure I like the body style yet.:shrug:
  2. What gripes me is only 315hp:nonono:!!!! It should be at least 350 to 375:nice:
  3. I hear that alot .. But here is the question Ford would ask.. Will it sale better if it had say 360HP .. and would it cost more ...???
  4. I actually just got back from driving a new GT. I have driven an '05 and '09 GT, a '07 GT500 and a '09 Bullitt. Overall, the acceleration and exhaust note is much like the Bullitt (as it should be). IMO, the exhaust note is as good as some aftermarket. It is very quiet inside as well. It seemed to shift a lot smoother and handle better. The best part is the interior. The new gauges are awesome, the console is great, the shifter (like the one from the Bullitt) is great. A lot of subtle changes that seem to make a big difference. I do have a 2000 GT that I am starting to get a little tired of so I may have some extra excitement there as well.
  5. In 2001, I bought a 01 GT vert knowing it had 260hp when the competition had more. In 2008 I bought an 08 that had 300hp knowing the competition would have more. The GT gives an old school musclecar feel with an unmistakable exhaust note that no car can match. Some people hear high HP and think "gas guzzler", which could possibly kill some sales for Ford. In stock form, the GT's of past and current have plenty of power to make most drivers smile ear to ear. 350 to 375hp would be nice though!
  6. At least they did away with that stupid horseshoe emblem. You don't shod a wild animal.
  7. Love it. Kona Blue '10 is what I want, except with the std. wheels and spoilerless. Actually I'm going to try to wait until '11 to see if they give it the new 5.0/6speed.....hopefully my '94 lasts that long.
  8. With some aftermarket deep dish wheels, Shelby GT500 duck spoiler & chin spoiler the 2010 Mustang will look great. When people complain about the 315HP rating, you should be looking at the performance figures. I just sold my 06 Pontiac GTO (6.0L 400HP) which did: 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. The 10 Mustang GT (4.6L 315HP) will do 0-60 in 4.7 seconds also. The new Camaro is running basically the same engine as my 06 GTO and weighs more than my old GTO. The new Challenger also has more HP than the 10 Mustang GT, but is slower! HP numbers are great, but where the rubber hits the road is what matters to me.

    The only issue I have with the new Mustang is the price tag. $29K MSRP for a base GT (5spd manual, cloth seats) Price creep is what killed the Camaro/Firebird back in 02, not HP figures. I love to see the Shelby, Roush & Saleen performance versions which sell for $50K, but a base GT should be had for $26K. A top of the line GT should be had for $30K. Every 2010 GT is see right now is selling for $34K. I hope once all the dust settles (6 months?) I will be able to walk into my local Ford dealer and negotiate a deal for $26K for a base 2010 Mustang GT.
  9. It is hard to go on the lot and see one and not want it. I saw the Kona blue last and my wife said I could have it until I told her the price tag. :)
  10. Yes...I agree when I saw it in person I thought the front end was excellent! Unfortunately, they dropped the ball in styling the rear is just plain FUGLY!!
  11. I don't care for the look of the rear on the GT either, but replace the GT spoiler with the GT-500 duck spoiler and it looks much better. Get the tail lights tinted and you change the entire look for very little money.

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  12. Drove the 2010 GT Manual on Saturday. Car drives awesome. Solid, fast and the pipes are awesome. Looked at the Camaro and the pipes sound like a truck exhaust. Terrible.
    I like the looks alot and the interior is first class compared to the previous year. Ordered mine Xplan and cant wait for it to arrive. Said it should be 4 to 6 weeks here in So Cal.