Mach 1 Scott Hoag signing my Mach1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Scott Hoag was at the 40th with his Mach 1 racer. I was told he did race it.
    And he came by and signed almost every Bullitt & Mach 1 :nice:

    I got him to sign my trunk and my Mustang 40 years book.


  2. That was pretty cool Dennis! I had him sign my passenger side dash, right above the "Mustang" script.
  3. Nice!

    Here is my car. In front of the white arrow. I had a black Mach to my right, and 3 torch reds on my left. :nice:


  4. Cool! Me and a buddy were up against the fence near gate 4. His is blue, mine red. You can see us in the red circle near the upper right corner. We had a blast at the 40th, that's for sure! :nice:


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  5. Also, not sure if you were a part of it, but here's the Mach1 and Bullitt group photo that was taken. I believe there are 56 Mach 1's and 12 or 13 Bullitts in this picture. Enjoy! :nice:


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  6. When friday did they do the group photo? I missed it.

    Oh well, I did at least have an event photo made!!! :nice:
    $75 to have a pic of your car with the 40th label on it was well worth it.
    And that included it framed with glass.

    I only wished I had more than two days to be there. It was WAY to much to see.

  7. Tell me about it!!!! The group photo was done at 5pm Friday on the access road, just beyond the vendor area. It was done while the Saleen's were all grouped out on the track. Then we all left for Hooters in Murfreesboro. I spent Wednesday through Sunday there, and never even got to see all the 1964-1978 cars that were on the other side of the grandstands! A real severe case of too much to see and do and not enough time to do it.
  8. Hey guys those are some cool photos. I was in the group photo in the very back. Also here is a shot of Scott signing mine as well. I thought that was so cool.

    Did you guys go to Hooters with us Friday?
  9. pretty cool! i got scott to sign my bullitt and autograph my helmet... dont know why i didnt take a pic of it though.....
    :shrug: :bang:
  10. AxemanJ3, sweet car.
    At this show was the first time I got to look at a Bullit up close. Man those are beautiful cars. My wife and I have decided that a Bullit will be the next one that we add to our collection.
  11. Hey great pics of the show field I'am glad Scott sign everyone Mach1s and their books.

    We had 147 Mach1s more then Saleen club had :spot: :spam:
  12. We had over 65 Mach1s at the curise-In.