Shaker 500 Stereo Upgrades


Founding Member
Dec 11, 2001
Olathe KS
I am replacing my 240k mile 97 GT with an 06 GT currently owned by my dad. It is half as old and has half as many miles on it! I am looking for advice on upgrading the stereo in the 06.
Right now, the 97 has an aftermarket stereo: 6" boston acoustics door speakers with separate tweeters and 5x7" rear speakers driven by an alpine 4 channel amp. Head unit is alpine and I have an alpine amp/10" sub in the back. The clarity is reasonably good and the single 10" has plenty of base for me.
I am looking at bringing the system with me when I get the 06 GT. Is it worth my effort to replace the "shaker 500" system with these components? I have only listened to the shaker 500 system a couple times, and wasn't particularly impressed. Maybe it isn't that bad?
If I do replace the system, how much effort am I looking at? It looks like the door 6" and rear 5x7 speaker mounts should work, but is there a location for the tweeter? In my 97, it is up high in the front of the door. Wiring is never fun, but I image you can actually get new speaker wires through the door grommets?
Or maybe I should just save the trouble and only keep the 10" sub and it's associated amp?
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