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  1. I have a D70. It's great! I just ordered a new flash for mine (there was a mix up with shipping, but I should be getting it on Monday :banana: ).

  2. that is a really nice radio, my brother has just restored one, but it is not nearly as nice a model

    here's a recent pic of my ride, got it for a high school present waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1974...............


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  3. Max and Mudbilly, those bikes are sweet! Everyone and their dog have gone "hawg" wild but I'm still a fan of the old standards.

    Max, which discipline of martial arts did you practice? I just acheived blue belt (recommended) on thursday in Taekwondo. I also earned a second place trophy for sparring at a regional tournament in November.
  4. I keep fish. upgrading to 4 tanks....I ahve a Bichir, a dwarf puffer, 3 angels, 2 african butterfly fish atm. A powerhead in my planted tank went on a killing spree so I have a tank to restock now. :/

    Like one of hte previous posters, I also played bass clarinet, for 7 years, and my last few ywears also learned just about every other wind instrument we had except the double reads, flute, and french horn

    but my main hobby, is dreaming that one day, one day I will be able to actually DRIVE my mustang instead of staring at it sitting in storage awaiting money.
  5. Krash, I studied an "americanized" version of Tai Kwon Do. World Middleweight Champion John Longstreet came out of our studio, as did top ten light middleweight contender Terry Norblum.

    They were full contact though, I was juts a tournament point fighter. My knees went on strike about the time I turned 30.
  6. So you were at an ATA academy. I'm with the WTTU arm (because I'm up in Canada), of the ATA. Both my school owner and his wife maintain world top ten rankings in sparring.
  7. I missed this thread completely.

    uh, lets see. When I am not ignoring my mustangs. I work as an emergency room tech (do everything a nurse does but get paid less), I also volunteer at the fire department as a paramedic/firefighter.

    I do other stuff, but I cant think of it right now. I have been up since noon yesterday (just got off work).
  8. Are you saying that your ER allows ULP's to start IV's, draw blood work, handle medications (including Narcotics), etc., etc........if so I'm very surprised that your State Board of Nursing hasn't raised Cain over that.
    In NYS, the only time ULP's even come close is when they're in a training program (i.e.: EMT, Paramedic) doing their ER rotations, and then it is under the close supervision of the nurses and MDs.
  9. Damn, you guys are old. :p
  10. One thing for you to remember before I whack you with my cane you golddarnwhippersnapper.....:fuss:
    "Old Age and Treachery will overcome Youth and Exuberance EVERYTIME!"
  11. kelso_burn.gif

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  12. When I am not breaking my mustang, I make beer:

    I fly radio controlled Aircraft:

    I play the Guitar:

    I Write Software:

    When I am not doing these things, I tend to look for more hobbies.
  13. Hey, DissFigured, I PM'd you about your alt problem.........Finally.

  14. I do everything I would do in the field, But give different drugs.

    So far the only thing I cannot do is give antibiotics. I am not sure what the state protocols are for paramedics in your state. The ER that I work at has pretty much followed the local protocols and added drugs.
  15. Except for maybe the major Trauma centers, in NYS the EMTs and Paramedics permitted field of practice stops at the hospital door, with the obvious exception of while care is being transfered. Most hospitals in NYS are pretty hinky about having ULPs handling meds, etc............I found VA to be the same way when I lived there, except for the occasions I was working with my OMD......he sometimes let me play. (Keep in mind there are things that EMS peeps do in the field that RNs aren't licensed to do n' vice versa)
  16. Hey Diss, you fly strictly glow, or any electric?

    Got a slowstick hanging on the wall, waiting for a brushless and Lipo's. Already stiffened the wings and LG (CF rod) and have the mount for my old Nikon 3400 half built. I've breadboarded up a 4V regulator for the Nikon, so I can lose 2.3 oz of AA batteries :nice: If I can scrape together a little more spare cash (yeah, right!); will have a video DL system, 400 mW on 439.75 - cable Ch 59 and right in the "video" allocation of the 70 cm Ham band. (Yeah, I'm licensed.) Tirggering with a GWS naro servo on Ch 5 "gear" on the Flash 6.

    Come to think of it, I guess I'd better go with a little more LiPo than planned :rolleyes:
  17. I should charge you for using that phrase ;)
  18. medic is a two year degree in Oregon. That might have something to do with it.

    I know that there are alot of things I do in the field that only the Doc will do in the ER.

  19. I fly glow only. I always deliberate about going electric because I get tired of dealing w/ the fuel but I love the power, and the longer duration.

    My latest endeavor was strapping my HP photoshot camera under the wing. I hit the video button just before takeoff and got some amazing video.

    Right now, I have a Generic Cessna type plane, and I took a .20 Piper Tomahawk, flattened the wings completely, sheeted em for durability, and threw a 40 on it. It is very impressive to see a piper tomahawk go vertical and hang. Downside is I have to land at a damn high rate of speed. My next purchase will be the Four Star 120. I had a four star 40 when I was a kid. It was the best plane I ever flew.
  20. Used to fly glow years ago. Used to fly C/L many years ago; started with Cox .049's worked up to .25's in C/L. Never went above a .25 in R/C. Gave it up when my second daughter was coming along; a couple years ago, she joined her Jr High Aeronautics club and dug and rebuilt my Pilot 20 hi-wing. Put a GMS .25 on it; and the "old guys" in the Senior Aero Club had trouble controlling it. She spent most of her time training on the club's Kadets; then tried to take over my SlowStick. Got her a Superstar EP in self-defense! Now, we're both so busy we hardly ever fly anymore. :nonono:

    That Tomahawk sounds like fun. Maybe warp a little undercamber into the wing and make it "draggy". You should still be able to prop-hang it; but landings should be slower. If you haven't looked at the ugly little old SlowStick; its wing is all undercamber. I've landed mine in a near-full-stall, and in a 1-2 MPH breeze an "elevator" (straight drop with no forward motion) is my best bet at not ground-looping it on landing :p

    A friend of mine can prop-hang his SS (no camera) on a little BP21 brushless electric motor that probably weighs about the same as the head on a 1.20 glow for your Four-Star; and the brushless doesn't vibrate enough to blur his pix when he's carrying the camera :nice: