Shelby GT500 vs. '06 Vette Z06?? A decent comparison?

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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    You ain't kidding. Ford and GM are in deep $$$ trouble
    These kinda cars are the first to get the axe. With gas prices the way they are... :nonono: :nonono:

  2. Gas here isn't bad at all. When I was in Germany gas was nearly $7 for a US gallon. Now that's bad. Our gas prices are nothing.
  3. Oh, ok I guess all those little hybrids people are on a waiting list for are because they like slow ugly cars.
    Europe has way better mass transit.
    Cheap gas made this country an automobile utopia! Think about the freeways, the suburban lifestyle etc.. Gas prices keep going up then there is no money to be made in 500hp 13mpg cars.
    They will switch the lines and make little 4cyl cars. Think 1978 mustang II all over again.
    The writing is on the wall and they know it.

  4. No, I wouldn't spend $70K on a Z06. I would spend $83K on a viper and all of it's exclusivity (only 17,000 sold since 1992)

    I just can not justify spending near corvette money on a Base cobra. For the sake of this discussion, I am not considering the convertible / or options. For a little more than $40K, I can get a better car (Z51 Corvette.) But this is just how I feel. I am not saying that I don't like the new Cobra. I think any car with near 500HP is very cool. I just can not justify paying that much money on a mustang. It's just how I feel.
  5. While I understand your point. I would ask you this. How many options do you think there are going to be on the Cobra. Historically speaking, options have been minimal if any. So Base is pretty much it for Cobra. And you are not just paying $40k (Though I have not heard a real price yet. So I may be behind times.) for a mustang. You are paying that price for a car with fewer units on the market. Than just the regular mustang. It's fully loaded. It has a better drivetrain. The interior is better than normal mustangs. And then think about the afore mentioned gas prices going up. How many of these cars may be made? I'm not saying the Corvette may or may not be the better car. But the Cobra is hardly just a mustang.
  6. Plus the car has a hand assembled engine with the makers names on it and comes with a cert saying how limited it is. It would be like saying a Z06 is just a Corvette, or an M3 is just a BMW.

    BTW, I have a Viper. A 1994 RT/10. It has a little more then 4,000miles on it since it was bought new (with the original 12 miles). Tells you how practicle it is. (though the seats are the most comfortable of any sports car I've ever been in). When I first bought it I took it to a car show and some kid hopped in with a soda in his hand, and people drool over it where ever it goes. It gets to be a real PITA since you can't leave it alone. My Cobra though has 2,000 miles on it since I bought it a year ago.

  7. Point taken... If the price is truely 39,995.00 without any markups then I might change my mind. $40K is about my limit financially right now. We'll probably all know in January when Ford reviels the Cobra at the NAIAS in Detroit. Maybe after market demand drops for the car I'll change my mind. I can't afford either (any) of these cars right now, so maybe that is why I am being so stubborn.

    I'm just waiting until 2008 so I can order one of the new Buillets... :D
  8. The 06 Z06 gets 26+ MPG (no gas guzzler charge). There going to sell as many as they make. The engines are also hand built like the cobra.
  9. I'm not entirely sure that they will sell as many as they can make. There are a limited amount of people who can buy $65k cars. Once you get into that price range. People get pretty picky about what they buy. Not saying that people won't buy it. But at that price range. Many people start having a preffered vehicle manufacturer. And as for fuel economy. It's cool that it gets that many MPG. But there is a year wait if you want to order a Prius (My sister just went through it). You can buy them off the lots here occassionally. But most dealers are sold out within days off getting them in. So fuel prices are already having an effect on what people buy.
  10. Yes I agree, but $65k for a car is really not that much. To me its a hell of a lot of money but I see plenty of $65k+ benzes and bimers and audi's EVERYWHERE. Plus when you can get the proformance of a $150k exotic for less then half of the price, people are going to buy it. Im pretty sure those people arent going to worry about how much gas cost either. That Z06 gets about the same gas mileage as my 84' 4-cyl volvo wagon.
  11. With the Mercedes and Audi's it is a bit different though. I could see spending 65+ grand on something you drive everyday (Even Suburbans go for $55,000 new now :rolleyes: ), but the Z06 is a toy. I bet almost 100% of the people that buy it will use it as a secondary vehicle. That really cuts down on who buys it.
  12. Yes there are a lot of BMW's and the like. But from what I have seen. Those same people are not going to choose a corvette. They generally stick to their chosen brand. I mean you can get into the performance versions of some of those brands for that price.
  13. Im sure it has a lot to do with location also. Where I live and work I see plenty of performance BMW's (M3's, M5's, 6 series) Mercedes (just about every AMG car imaginable). Im positive I will see plenty 06 Z06's. I see regular Corvettes everywhere. People are not using them as daily drivers, there toys to them. Its expensive to people like me (not rich), but there are plenty of people out there that have a lot of cash to burn and supercar performance at $65k is cheap. Its not like there building 200,000 of them. There probably going to be marked up like the 05 Mustang was when it came out and people will buy them. I read on another board someone had bought one way over the $65k retail price.
  14. Yea it's a nice car. With that said, the only way that car is going to get 26+ mpg is in 6th gear going 55 with the wind behind you. It's a toy period...

    "Specialty" cars are an advertising gimmick, and with gm about to file bankruptcy, I bet their advertising will switch from "power" to "economy". Sad, but cars like the Z06 will probably be discontinued.
  15. I dont think anyone buy's a 2 seater sports car as there main car, Z06 or a regular Corvette, or a maita, or a 350z or a solstice or anything with "2" seats and no trunk. If your buying a 2 seater, 99% of the time its a toy no matter how much it costs, unless you've got your priorties way off track.
  16. To each his own.
  17. Comparing the Z06 and Mustang is like comparing the Mustang and Ford GT.
  18. Dealer markup is going to make the base C6 more affordable than the Shelby
  19. That is exactly what I was saying. You were comparing the $65,000 Z06 to $65,000 BMWs and Audi's. You said that $65,000 isn't that much because you see $65,000 Audi's and Bimmers everyday, which are mostly 4 or 5 seaters (The Audi TT isn't $65,000 nor is a BMW Z4/Z3, and a Z8 is more and a lot less common). The people that own the BMWs/Audis don't keep them as toys, they drive them everyday. $65,000 on something you drive everyday is more reasonable then $65,000 on a toy. Therefore, $65,000 is a lot of money to spend on a Z06, while it isn't really a lot to spend on a useful four seater sedan.
  20. The base C6 is marked up like crazy too, I haven't seen one less then $50,000. I'm sure in the beginning the C6 will be more affordable because the C6 will be less popular and the GT500 will be the new big thing, but it will even back out. Then us smart people who know to wait until all the problems are fixed will pick up new ones for msrp or less. :D