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  1. hey everyone....i am looking to get a shifter......what is there purpose?,and they have nothing to do with the clutch right?..........and what are some good ones and there prices?


  2. Shifters have nothing to do with the clutch. I would suggest a tri-ax(steeda), MGW(pricey), Pro 5.0(nice), or like a UPR(if moneys tight)

    After you put it on you'll be happy:nice:
  3. SRY
    Tri-ax- around $180
    MGW- about $230
    Pro 5.0- around $160
    UPR like my old on was $99.99(but that was on sale)
  4. Go with MGW. Best one I had so far. Very Very quiet also.
  5. I like my Tri-Ax. Took some serious getting used to. The purpose is to make shifting/power-shifting a little safer, and quicker.
  6. oh ok thanks guys.......and it will make your shifts faster right?....what about in traffic is it a pain?....and is installing it easy?
  7. MGW install was easy as heck. Instructions were well written and had no problems. In traffic it's no more a pain that the stock shifter... damn traffic lol. You'll love the MGW if you go with it. ;)
  8. :scratch: What website did you get that from? Ripoff's 'R' Us? Go to the MGW website. $179.
  9. I have had a Tri ax, UPR and MGW, and the MGW rules ass hands down!!!:hail2:
  10. You are correct sir! I ordered it from them Sunday night... their 2nd day delivery price wasn't too shabby either.
  11. MGW...

    Good for at least 35hp...

    Unless you get the MGW intercooler too... that's another 8hp...


  12. They all work just fine and will improve shifting greatly....I have the tri-ax and its awesome but I would say get whatever one is the cheapest at the moment.
  13. I was thinking with a handle. Sorry it was just a rough estimate
  14. i had a pro 5.0 on my was i juss put in a mgw and its even better.....if interested i got a pro 5.0 for sale.....
  15. I paid $160 for my Hurst shifter and it it awesome! I will have to work at missing 3rd. It practically shifts into 3rd by itself. VERY short throw.
  16. I've used MGW, Hurst, Tri-Ax and B&M...all quality shifters.
  17. MGW!!! MGW!!! Did I mention I <3 my MGW?