SHM 6.0 L aluminum blocks!!!!

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  1. What does everyone think of the new SHM 6.0L aluminum blocks? It says that they are capable of 2500 HP!!! go to
    to check out the pictures, its on their home page! Here is what the stats say:

    Sean Hyland Motorsport are proud to announce the release of the 5.4 and 4.6 aluminum motorsport engine block. These blocks have taken a year to design, and incorporate features designed to provide durability and increased performance.
    The 5.4 block can be ordered with a bore size of up to 3.75", which results in a 6 liter all aluminum engine for your Lightning, Mustang or rod project. The aluminum motorsport blocks benefit from many design features listed below. Order yours today for early 2004 delivery.

    Sean Hyland 4.6/5.4 Motorsport Blocks
    356T-7 aluminum alloy
    lightweight, only 95lbs for the 5.4, 88lbs for the 4.6
    smooth, deep skirt construction
    billet steel main caps, main studs supplied, optional aluminum main caps
    13mm thick deck
    External oil drain backs reduce windage losses
    cast iron sleeve, 3.55-3.75 bore
    Block designed for semi-stressed mid engine applications
    2500hp capable
    4.6 Motorsport Block $3995
    5.4 Motorsport Block $4495
  2. Hey, those look GREAT :nice:

    Good to see more aftermarket Modular parts coming along.:banana:

    Buuuuuut thats a lot of scratch for just the block. :bang:
  3. finally !!!! :banana: :banana: ...we've been waiting for some serious cubic inches...but still a lot of dough for just a block..I'm pretty sure SHM is not the only one to work on that....I bet we will have some nice surprise from other builders like VTengines next year... :nice:
  4. $4,000+ for just a block:eek:
  5. it's a 6L !!!!!..forget the KB..go all NA...holy ****..cannot imagine the power out of such a longblock with agressive cams..P&P heads... :drool: :drool:
  6. anyone planning on purchasing one?
  7. maybe end of next year :)...I'm rethinking my KB/5.4L
  8. :stupid:

  9. you do realize that the price DOES NOT include the crank, pistons and rods, right? and putting 2V heads on something like that would be futile, even P&P'd. a forged setup with a turbo will get you more power for less $$. i paid $3150 for my complete forged shortblock, fully assembled and balanced with ceramic coated pistons.
  10. 6.0 with cobra parts? Could that be done?
  11. yes I do..just the block...
  12. oh man. I want one! :drool:
  13. me too :(
  14. yeah but 4k+ for just a block is pushing it when it comes to power. hell you might as well just turn the thing into an all out drag car if you're gonna drop that kind of coin.
  15. It looks like it has, or provisions for cross bolted mains. Am I looking at it right? :shrug:
  16. I'm thinking about it real hard! I have $4,200 right now, so I'm not too short on the 6.0L block. The crap part is I already my 5.4L pistons ($720+) and I'd have to shell out for the 3.70/3.75 custom big bore pistons.

    Anyone looking for some CP -17cc 2618 alloy dish blower/nitrous/turbo pistons with CP pins and double spiro locks? LOL
  17. can't say that i am :D
  18. What do you think these are primarily manufactured for? $ 4000.00 is a lot. Even in the pushrod engines, $ 2500.00 to $ 4000.00 is normal for something that may not even handle 2500 hp. :nice:
    This type of item as well as heads and intakes are not for the bolt on crowd. They do not market to that crowd either. :D
  19. Hmmm.........wonder how that would work with mach 1 heads and cams?? I could use my forged crank from my 4.6L, right? All I would need then would be forged pistons...hmmm........Why drop $4K+ into a blower when you could have a 6.0L DOHC motor for about the same?
  20. you're right, it's not for the bolt on crowd. but bolt on refers to relatively cheap hp parts, which means things like pullies, catbacks, midpipes, filters, plenums, throttle bodies, etc. things like blocks, heads, intakes, are more just simple bolt on performance. again i realize you have to pay to play, but still 4k+ for just a block seems trey expensive. if they were to sell that with a matching forged rotating assembly, then i could understand a high price tag. but for the block alone, that is asking just a little too much. oh well, to each their own i guess.