SN95 Short Block Suggestions?

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  1. Now that's the type of explanation I was looking have put thought into the rest of the car in fact the suspensions done just have to swap out balljoints and maybe a new steering setup as this one has seen betterdays. I ordered new rotors and calipers I forget the size off the top of my head I do know there an upgrade from the stockers. Ill need new tires soon. And the fuel system Im figuring in with the motor. I've been trying to get a plan together since before I bought the car. I know what my build is going to take. After seeing woodys website I'm back on board with the 347 stroker with a decent hci setup. I was going the trick flow route but I think I'm going to piece something together as I want a better more aggressive cam nothing crazy
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  3. Does my explanation suck? If something doesn't make sense, I'll try to better explain. Just quote it and I'll try to rephrase.

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  4. @FastDriver - no it was good, just a lot of information really early in the morning. That, and I read it in pieces after I got to work and was in and out of my office.
  5. Glad I could help :) It sounds like you want a stroker and good n/a power. I just want to say one more time that if you ever do go to a blower or turbo, you're going to be at the limits of the block, about 500rwhp, on pump gas whether you go stroked or not... expensive top end or not. It'll just take 15psi from a turbo on the JY 302, whereas it'd take something like 6 psi on the premium built stroker. Blowers are going to have a harder time making it there on the JY302, but they still can.
  6. I would rather make good power n/a. Imo it just seems safer.I'm going to be giving rick a call soon. I've decided that with payment plans a stroker is the path I will take. Now I just gotta figure out if I want to go 331 or 347. 347 sounds better to me. But I don't know the diferences between the two besides more displacement. I hear there pretty much the same other then that. I just have to figure out a good head cam intake combo. I hear afr (I think they are) make good heads. And the 185s are similarly priced to the trick flow heads. So I'm stuck on wich ones to go with. I'm definitly going with the trickflow intake setup because I like the looks of the black powdercoated setup. So since I'm going with that I should prob get the trickflow heads too. I want a different cam then what the tfs kit offers. Something a little more aggressive but not to crazy. I'm also not sure what fuel pump I should run and what lb injector.
  7. 1. Definitely go with Rick, but don't call him until he's done with my car later this year ;)
    2. For your purposes, go 347. Do a search and look into the common threads post for the reasons why. I will not engage anyone in argument about this topic anymore.
    3. AFR vs. TFS: flip a coin or just take Rick's advice. Both are amazing heads.
    4. Cam = Ed Curtis for me. Alternatively, have Rick spec one, or Comp can spec one, too.
    5. I've had great success with Walbro 255LPH fuel pumps (GSS340 series). They can push well more than enough for n/a. At block splitting limits, you may need another inline pump or increased voltage to meet flow requirements at higher boost. A lot of people have been talking about the 340LPH pump. It's probably good too. Run a 42 lbs/hr injector. They tune fine for idle and part throttle with the stock computer, and they will leave plenty of room for more on the table if you ever decide to push the limits down the road. Make sure your MAF is matched to them or your tuner takes that into account in the EEC.
  8. Wow another great answer! Thanks fastdriver. It officially sounds like my plans done. I won't be calling rick for a month or so. But I'm happy with him building the engine good prices and he's already workingwith me and my stupidness and I hhaven't even ordered anything yet lol that's good cust service. Since your giving me details answers and what not. Besides the things mentioned what else do you recomend for other parts can I used the waterpump and alt and things like that frommy stocker? Or should they be upgraded? Pretty much anything you can tell me I'm gonna listen this is all new to me lol. Will my stock wiring harness work? Stuff like that how bout my tranny since its the stock block being turned into the 347 it should bolt right to the trans?