Should I take my Mustang to another mechanic?

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  1. Should I take my mustang to another mechanic ? I hired a mechanic to swap out my old engine for a low mileage engine with a 90 day warranty. The new engine does not work and I took my car to the dealership and they found the following wrong.

    replace fuel rail pressure connector, replace cam synchronizer sensor, repair wiring, remove and retime syncro, and replace and synchronize harmonic balancer.

    Are these things that the mechanic should be able to do since he replaced my engine. please help because the mechanic states he does not have the equipment to synchronize the components that I think are crucial to installing an engine... please advise PLEASE HELP with advise !

    The car shakes and the check engine light is on

    mustang yr 2000
    3.8 liter v6
  2. I'd start off by posting in the proper subforum/thread. I'd then go back to the mechanic who offered me the warranty and make him fix the issues. You took him a functioning car (presumably) and he should hand you back a functioning car. He offered a warranty, so use it. If he won't honor, take the car to a dealership, have them do the work, and bill the mechanic for parts/labor. If he refuses to pay, file suit.

    I find it strange that you would go to some mechanic when there are reputable Mustang shops all across America.
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  4. Find another mechanic. Sounds like he's never done a 3.8 R&R before if he got into the job without knowing what was going on with the cam synchro.