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    Also, i have 2 close friends who both have fast cars, thing is, they dont run, and that is what matters most. One is a highly modified (Turbo etc) honda civic hatchback, the other a highly modded (for handling) second generation GTI... both look sweet, but the civic has something big wrong... a blown gasket or something... he currently drives his parent S2000 anytime he needs a ride... X_X but luckily that doesnt count
    I dont know wuts up with the GTI, but he is putting that on hold because he has a Jetta III that he is borrowing from his cousin i think, and it is lightly modded...
  2. [QUOTE='66 coupe]I don't know what the hell you've been smoking, but Civic DX's outnumber SI's, Preludes, and Integras by a LARGE margin. Even so..., I still don't think you've ever driven a V6 Mustang. They are not slower than these cars.

    I don't see how owning a V6 Mustang makes me less credible. I've got credentials to show that I am a part of this hobby. How many magazine covers do you have under your belt?
    So go ahead and make fun of me because I drive a V6 to save on insurance. But I know that you're the kind of person that will be at the dealer with all the soccer moms the moment you Check Engine Light comes on.[/QUOTE]

    Woah buddy, what are you talking about. You want to talk numbers? My friend ran his stupid Civic DX COUPE with steelies, an exhuast that does nothing for I4 engines and an intake with a suspension. He broke 15's.

    A stock V6 mustang runs a what? Oh yeah, HIGH 15's. Dont argue with me thats so stupid, theyre both effn slow cars, admit it. And you would be surprised how many honda's have swaps out there now, torqueless b16a2's and everything lol. Your arguement against mine is that your V6 mustang outnumbers the semi faster cars out of slow bunch. Congratulations... LOL.

    Credentials? I really could careless how many magazine covers youve had. It really doesnt pertain to what Ive been saying. If I chose to spend my money restoring an old classic, Id probably have twice as many covers as you, but thats besides the point. Im happy you enjoy your car, and that you like putting money into a 6 cylinder engine.

    Save on insurance? Well, if thats your defense then I cant fight you for having less money than me.

    Me being at the dealer for car problems...thats cute. Look buddy, I really dont know who you are, and for all I know, you probably had your car fully built by someone else. I might not be fully qualified mechanic, but I definately do my own work. Ill stop it at that because I feel Ive ended your weak replies.
  3. Hey Ghoststalker, you've got a little brown on your nose...
  4. We're talking 1/4 mile,dumbass. Not 1/8.

    Yea, I'm sure you would dip****. :rolleyes:
    You thought your car was a 40th anniversary edition cause it had 2004 badges on it!!! :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:

    Yea, that must be it. :rolleyes: Is all that money on GT insurance really helping you compensate for that...nevermind.

    You even claim to have owned Hondas in the past.
    The only people who drive Hondas are the ones too scared to look under their own hoods. :rlaugh:
  5. [QUOTE='66 coupe]We're talking 1/4 mile,dumbass. Not 1/8.[/QUOTE]

    Yes you retard, they actually do break that in 1/4 times. Must be the ignorant 6 cylinder mentality ROFL.

    I added the 40th center console badge b/c they SHOULVE made the sonic blue a 40th ann. color. Besides the point, thanks for replying on topic, oh wait you have no constructive argument.

    ROFL You just said YOU had to save money on insurance. I make enough where I can afford both the car and the insurance. Once again, Im sorry you dont have enough money. Compensate things? I drove Hondas, you drive a 6 cylinder mustang without a bite. Who's compensating now?

    Who the hell said anything about being scared to look under the hood. :shrug: I just stated the facts and you cant accept it. That must suck, having to lose to honda's. :nice:

    Have a good one, sir. Watch out for those Civics in the near future. ROFL :flag:
  6. [QUOTE='66 coupe]. :bs:
    You even claim to have owned Hondas in the past.
    The only people who drive Hondas are the ones too scared to look under their own hoods. :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    Um my car garage is being built right now, and in a matter of the next 3 weeks I should have a full hydraulic car lift, complete set of snap on tools and all the time in the world to work on my car. Beats doing things in the driveway.

    Just dont bother replying anymore asshat, you're as worthless as the car you drive.
  7. Okay, honestly that last post wasn't my best. But look at the time. I was ****faced out of my ****ing mind.
    So now that I am better...

    First of all. Who are you getting these numbers from? Your ricer friends? V6 Mustangs run low 15's with decent driver.
    Yes it's a slow car. But you're a dumbass for thinking they're as slow as Hondas.
    I've actually driven Civics before. I think you're giving them WAY too much credit.
    As for Hondas with engine swaps...
    If they get to do a swap, then do we? I mean if you want to compare a modded car to a stock car you're an idiot.

    I've had these two cars since I was 17 years old. So no...I didn't have much money when I got the V6.
    You on the other hand, only have one car. How do you know I couldn't drop both cars and pickup a GT? I just prefer to have 2. Besides, classics are more fun than latemodels.

    My V6 is an Auto(used rental), and I've NEVER lost to a Honda. Hmm...imagine that. :shrug:

    As far as I'm concerned, you're as bad as a ricer. You talk **** about cars you've never driven, and you state inaccurate facts. Hell, you're even comparing modded Civics to V6 Mustangs.
    I'm done argueing with you. Everyone here knows I'm right, and that you're just an ignorant prick.

    By the way, I like the way you ricers list air filters and window tint on your mod lists. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  8. I seem to remember some one else posting something off topic, that had absolutely nothing to do with the thread...

    So, i think we can label every post since then as off topic, if you want to blam V6s then make a new thread about it, either here, or in the GT forums, and have at it. Maybe the thread will be deleted along with your account? Flamer
  9. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Okay, honestly that last post wasn't my best. But look at the time. I was ****faced out of my ****ing mind.
    So now that I am better...[/QUOTE]

    Excuses aside. :notnice:

    Oh ok, so low 15's, the equivalent of a 99-00 Civic Si, 92+ Prelude VTEC, 92+ Integra GSR, 92+ Integra LS. Congratulations, you've proved nothing once again. As for swaps, I'll ive give you that.

    Thats great, this is my 3rd car since I was 17. Your opinion on classics is understood.

    Mistake number 1. If a 5 speed v6 stang runs low 15's, what does an auto run? High 15's. You still are on par with a majority of Honda's.

    The same can be said about you jackass. My whole argument was that you put down cars you know nothing about and gave little credit to. Welcome to Stangnet, idiot.

    Added items so far, donkey. I dont consider a filter a mod, thats all I've added. The tint is just to make the stang sharper. Once again, this is a brand new stang and I just turned 19. Not bad for a youngin'. :flag:

    So where have you gotten with all this garbage?

    Lets recap:

    V6 mustangs with a REAL GOOD DRIVER run low 15's. A lot of honda's run those times (read: preludes and integras mostly). I could careless if you beat a civic whatever, they are garbage.

    So thanks for restating what I said earlier, asshat. Ive had fun owning you. :owned: :nice:
  10. Not the ones I've come across apparently. And I don't go around talking crap and doing useless mods to my car. That's what this entire thread was about.
    Then you came in here talking **** about how our cars are slow.

    I know about these cars. I'm even a member on some import forums. But the fact remains...MOST Hondas on the road can't outperform a V6 Mustang. I don't see SI's and Integras everytime I go out. Modded Preludes are even more elusive. But I ALWAYS see normal Civics with exhaust, and all the other ricer crap done to them. So don't come in here defending them saying a small % are on par with us.
    Besides, even the people that own SI's, Integras, and Preludes make fun of ricers just like we do. So what the hell is your problem?

    You still listed it, and that's funny to me. I think I should list my Mach I grill delete, Goodyear tires, and radar detector on my list!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    With this, I am officially done. I will not post in here again. But don't take that as a victory. I can argue all day. But I've got better things to do.
  11. Moron, moron, moron. My ONLY two posts in this thread was the above one you quoted and the one with the picture. Now, tell me where I said ANYTHING about there not being domestic rice?? I'll save you the cant so don't bother looking.

    You sir might be the dumbest human being on Earth. Where the hell did I say, or even imply, that?? :shrug: :bang:

    What I said was there is always something faster, whether its a 4 banger that's faster than me OR you. Quit trying to pick apart my post just so you can have something to **** about. :rolleyes:
  12. You ****ing idiot, I wasnt talking to you. Youre too insignificant. LOL :lol:

    66' Coupe, sorry I cant argue with an ignorant idiot like yourself. I wont bring myself down to your level.

    With that said...


    Oh you definately won alright... :owned: :lol:

    I got all day folks hahahaha
  13. you have been argueing for him for a good page now... so i think by now your 'at his level'

    and are you kidding me? you realize that if YOU post that pic, it means that YOU are ALSO retarded!? someone ELSE is supposed to post it, not you!

    you got all day? sorry you have no life man... or atleast not on sundays... otherwise you should be dilligently studieng! you 19! that means you should be majoring in business or something of the sort!
  14. Hmm you're right, but he claimed he won an online argument. He is now prompted for that picture. :owned:

    Read above.

    Sunday night = watching the Sox get destroyed.

    Studying, you mean.

    I am majoring in business, actually.

    Thanks its been fun.
  15. Too insignificant??

    And how exactly am I the ****ing idiot? If you scroll back a ways, you specifically quoted my post, then repeatedly used the word "you" which means you were addressing me. Hmmm, if you didn't intend on talking to me directly, how about you actually quote the person you are talking to. But I'm the idiot. :bang:
  16. Don't even bother guys. Like Ghostalker said, it's been going on for over a page. The problem with stupid people, is they never know when they're wrong; no matter how many people tell them.

    It's just that time. About every three months we get some teenager with a V8 join stangnet and come to the V6 forum to make themselves feel big. Then they get banned for acting like jackasses. I think we're a little overdue anyways.

    I like the way he keeps saying that he's done argueing. Yet he keeps talking **** to you guys. Shows maturity. :nice:
  17. All of this, and all I did was ask a question!

    Someone please tell me, that when I see these cars slammed to the ground with their tires tilted in no less than 10-15 degrees, is this how they drive around? If so, wouldn't that be extremely bad on the tires, suspension, and axles?
  18. yeah, talk about out of alignment, those tires are going to wear so unevenly... one would imagine the life of those tries will be cut short. i wouldnt be surprised if it increased the chances of a blowout.
  19. Not to mention the ball joints wearing out in six months.
  20. there was an acord around my way like that, it was the funniest looking thing in the world, and the sticker on his back window was priceless also

    B.A.D. Customs

    i drive an import with a kit, and i say it proud, cause i still know what the word rice is, its lowered ( with alignment same day ) its primered, because i do all my own work, from engine to interior, and body work

    i get called a ricer by people with big ass wings on thier civics, escorts ( mostly stock with side graphics and big wing )

    becuase my car doesnt get mommy and daddys help to get finished, and im not exactly the richest person in the world, but even with that i still fabricate my own stuff out of what i have lying around

    i joined this site cause ive been interested in building a track car, and i got my hands on a v6 lx to toy around with, so im actually reading most of this studying stuff that can be done