Small Block engine Pics

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  1. Wanna trade racks? I have a TCP manual and I think its too hard to turn. I now want a power rack.
  2. That's not quite an equal trade there :)

    Hang in there all of you 65-66er's with hydraulic clutches. I'm working on a solution with Jerry Choate over at Scott Drake's on using the manual brake boosters with the JMC units. As it turns out the manual brake boosters will raise the entire brake master assem. approx 2" which should make this clear the clutch master. It will be a few weeks before we attempt the install. The <a href=""><b><i><font size="2">BLCC</font></i></b></a><font size="2">
    </font> show at Fremont Street, SEMA right after, and probably the sanitarium soon thereafter.
  3. At the risk of sounding stoooopid...what is a "manual booster"?
  4. Scott Drake makes a brake booster for manual trans cars that is offset 2" higher with a Z bar style pushrod. Since I want one in chrome, that they don't make, I'm simply taking my old one, copying their brackets and pushrod, and will attempt the install avoiding the hyd master. I'm pretty sure it's going to clear just by looking at it.
  5. Not much to look at after seeing all of this, but here is my 408.
  6. Looks nice Jasonn2... Makes me wish I didn't get rid of my old 351W ages ago.

    Sounds like it gets you down the road fine as well.. ;)

  7. You know, I didn't see your time ticket until second pass.

    Is that time slot with slicks, or on street tires?

    Either way, that a health animal. Makes you wonder what a SC would do?

  8. Thanks. That is with m/t e.t. streets. 28x11.5-15. Boy I don't know about the s/c. I already have to slow it down for most tracks around here now because I don't have a roll bar. :banana:
  9. Front dress brackets

    4MuscleMachines, what brackets did you use on the yellow(?) small block picture you posted?:nice: I am keeping the V-belt pulleys and am looking for a nice looking, reasonably priced (the 2 seldom go together) alternator and powersteering bracket/pulley setup. Been looking at March, but a little pricey.
  10. Hey Jcode68, they are the new March brackets for Cleveland engines. You can still get the same look for your engine if you use March V-belt pulleys. The PS pump is the new billet piece also from March.
  11. This post needs more PICS

    here's mine

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  12. Thanks for the info, they look great. Will probably spend the cake and buy the March setup since there aren't many better alternatives. Maybe I should invest in a Bridgeport and start making these things from my basement.:rolleyes: