Small Rant Thread.

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  1. I'd like to take a little time right now to warn others that are considering options to tune their car. I bought a Moates Quarter Horse setup (tuner, BE/EA, the works) a while back, and it has been the most bug ridden garbage I have ever had the displeasure of using. Keep in mind I have used TweeCer in the past and it was far superior in my opinion. I never have been able to get data logging to work despite spending the money on the proper licenses, it took multiple attempts in XP to get BE just to work and comm up with the unit itself. I had to reformat my laptop for work with Win7. I finally decided I wanted to change something on the car and I reinstalled it. Wow, I forgot how much I HATE this tuner. I should have bit the bullet and paid more for the TweeCer setup again. The gui was harder to learn, but at least the damn drivers would work. Take it or leave it, if you have it and love it, good for you. I wish I could say the same.
  2. Good to know. Thinking about buying a PMS just because self tuning is a little over whelming to me right now. But I have been weighing out the Tweecer or Quarter Horse as well.

  3. I liked my TweeCer, support isn't real great, and the learning curve is steep. I bought the QH because of all the reviews of how good it is. I've just had a terrible time with it though. Perhaps it is just my particular laptop or EEC doesn't like it, I dunno.
  4. Just thinking about tuning scares me. I like working with the hands and letting my brain be lazy.
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  5. I have the same setup, a QH with BE/EA, and I've been pretty frustrated myself. I feel like any time there is any little hiccup anywhere, BE throws in the towel. Thankfully, Clint, the one man operation that IS everything BE/EA, is usually very quick to help. Without that, I may have switched over to carb by now, haha. Clint is a computer super genius, and I think he sometimes forgets that the rest of us are not, LOL.
  6. I think if you are mildly familiar with a computer you can handle tuning.

    TweeCer had a steep curve, but a couple of months of here and there poking I got it going. I had this one working in a few days. My problem is constant driver crashes. It seemed like every time I had to close BE because it erred out, I had to pull the battery on my laptop because Windows couldn't purge the previous session of BE from memory, which for some reason also wouldn't let me reboot/shutdown my laptop properly. It was crazy frustrating.
  7. Yea, it's my understanding that BE/EA is pretty demanding on hardware requirements. My laptop is pretty decent, and I'm running Windows 7, so I've been OK in that regard. I've just had dumb stuff go on, like strategy files that mysteriously don't allow datalogging to work, or somehow I'll be missing support software that I need to run BE, even though a few months ago I was running BE no problem, and I'm pretty sure I haven't uninstalled anything since then, haha.

    I dunno, maybe this is all obvious stuff and I'm just retarded. Either way, it's frustrating when you're struggling to learn how to tune EFI, and at the same time you're being bombarded with computer and software problems. It's like you spend 2 days to figure out what's wrong with your computer before you can spend 10 minutes to figure out what's wrong with your car's tune.
  8. I have never used any ford software but I used LS1edit when I had my camaro. It wasnt for the faint of heart and it has scared me away from doing anything even remotely close to it on anything else since. when I install the turbo on my car I will let the pros at the dyno shop handle the tuning.
  9. The worst part is, the tune isn't terribly off on the car. I just need to lower my idle which would take me like, five minutes if I could get these silly drivers to work. lol
  10. I used the qh, binary editor and e/a on my previous mustang. Might have had a couple of issues at the start, but it has been flawless since. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you posted any of your problems on