smoking a trans am

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  1. who in this forum smokes SS camaros, and ws6's what mods do you have, how much hp do you guys think it takes to beat'em.
  2. H/C/I to beat a stock LS1. :(

    Those things are fast.
  3. define smoke?

    how much?

    Those cars are fast!
  4. I got heads and cam and almost every bolt on. I can can hang with my friends LS1, that did a 12.7 on drag radiols. Even though once i went into fifth he killed me. . Im hoping a T-56 will fix that but i also dont have a tune
  5. My et's went down with the t56 swap.
    They would be better if I had more power but to get where I was before with the t5 and 3.73's I need to get some 4.10's or something even lower.
    FYI my car does 100mph in 6th gear at around 2,400rpms.

    And to smoke one of those....
    I dont think the naaaaaws is gonna be enough.
    Maybe a blower and a smaller shot of the juice?
    Or just find some more cubes.
    Either way smoking one of those is not going to be cheap/easy.
  6. doesn't the viper spec have different gearin though. im just getting the cheaper one
  7. Here is the gearing of the Viper Spec t-56 1st through 6th.

    2.66 / 1.78 / 1.30 / 1.00 / .74 / .50

    Here is the gearing of the Ford Spec t-56 1st through 6th.

    2.97 / 2.07 / 1.43 / 1.00 / .80 . / .62
  8. I do!! :D Mods in sig.
  9. The sucky thing is, with LT's, lid and spray, the LS1's are quickly out of H/C/I range.
  10. My brother had a 90 GT with full exhaust, 3:73's and a motor-sport t-5 with the 2.95 first gear, and he would beat them till about 80 mph
  11. well I shouldn't say "smoke" ya know a car length
  12. Ha I would bet like hell you do..:hail2:
  13. "We flushed your sin sticks to hell. Smokers are jokers."
  14. well if someone goes the 347 stroker route or 351w route, im sure that would even the playing field...displacement im sure is one reason we hafta play catchup so much
  15. agreed you cant beat displacement they got more cubes over us to get started and they are sad to say but built better ...can someone tell me what a ls1 is compared to a 03 mach 1 ...i can hang with the 03 that runs around here whats its comparrison to the ls1..?:shrug:
  16. Mach 1 are suppose to be as fast as the LS1. Well at least on the 1/4. Top end Ls1 will own
  17. i hate this topic.... always have and always will it comes up so much... lol...