1. That's not smoking a stock 5 spd. I went [email protected] stock. And anyway, that ST really is at the limit of that motor's capability. 252 from a 2.0 is about all she wrote from a streetable n/a motor. Ford has admitted it directly. The fox left enough on the table for cheap mods to make big improvements. Besides, a fox is a late 70s to early 90s car when running mid-low 14s was something more than mundane for a performance car.

    Again, 70s 80s and 90s had nothing on the performance car of today.

    That's the best argument. I think it would make a good car to drive around, but I do wonder about maintenance costs and repair parts.

    I could own one of them, too. I've got a girl back in the states that loves focuses. Would be perfect for her.
  2. I actually checked out the WRX as an option too, because I would really like to try out an AWD car, and I obviously have a thing for turbos. The gas mileage was abysmal for a light 4-cyl, though. Something like 24mpg highway.
  3. Hyundai is pissing me off with how impressive their stuff is becoming. I can't stand that they're building a more powerful 5.0 V8 than is going into our current mustangs.
  4. Actually, the only reason I accept AWD as a viable drivetrain style for a sports car is because it's superior traction abilities in high-power, poor surface situations. Personally, I prefer RWD for it's driving entertainment value, hands down. The Fusion's AWD is strictly a traction measure in snowy or icy conditions- that system is in no way, shape, or form a performance oriented AWD system. It is primarily a FWD drive system with a "backup" AWD, and I'm told that if you manage to overpower the front wheels on launch, the car actually bogs while it transfers power to the rears. That's, of course, night and day difference with what Subaru does with their stuff. I'm hoping that if Ford ever does a sporty AWD Focus, they make it more of a "real" AWD system, and less of a "grandma needs to drive through the snow to get to the grocery" system.

    And yea, the Genesis Coupe is legit.
  5. Haha yea, the WRX doesn't do great on gas. Just like our Foxes though, the first time you step on the gas and you feel all your internal organs press against your spine, you forget how much that smelly stuff at the pump costs. My buddy has a lightly modded 2011 and it is droooooool worthy.
  6. I just am not going to buy a 4-cyl motor that is not economical. To me, peformance = V8. I guess if you get exotic or expensive, there are some amazing other engines out there from 6-cyl turbo motors, to V10s and V12s... but I still can't think of a 4-cyl that truly impresses me more than any reasonable V8.
  7. Lets be fair here....nobody is coming anywhere close to 12's...or even breaking 13's on STOCK Fox bodies without pulling weight, tweaking suspension and adding drag radials....drivers of MM&FF included. Let's also be frank....most bone stock Fox body owners aren't Evan Smith and are generally lucky to run mid/high-14's out of their cars in stock trim and low-14's with basic bolt, driving them within an inch of their lives. They didn't even take the traction control off of the ST, or power shift it to run 14-flat....and they were still running stock radials to boot.

    ...but you're right....it's kind of a moot point. Except that people expect Mustangs to be fast....they aren't expecting a Focus to blow their doors off.

    Actually, most of them got I4's and I6's. The ones that did get V8's got a whopping 12ohp to light up those meaty 185/75/14's. In case you're wondering, that's a less than half the horsepower the ST makes.

    And if you don't consider the Ford Fairmont an econobox of the 70's era, I don't know what is? Need I remind you, the Fox Mustang was an econobox in more forms that it was a sports coupe as well.

    That's actually how the word is spelled using proper English. Not that slang jargon you guys developed when you landed on this rock. :D

    Good point you do get the AWD with the WRX. Even though reviewers have stated that the cars fit and finish reflects the price tag and that it got beat around the track and crushed on the skid pad by the Focus ST. It's a shame AWD isn't an option for the Focus, but considering it leaped ahead of what was considered the industry standard for years, I'd say it's not too bad for just a "wannabe". And did I mention the fuel mileage?:shrug:
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  8. I'm not a fan of most foreign AWD set ups. And even a lot of domestic set ups. They put the motor and trans like a FWD vehicle and have the transfer case up there. I don't like the idea of the engine, trans, and transfer case being over the front wheels. But a lot of the times the vehicles still handle good. Perfect examples are the Evo and the WRX. I just don't see how they even get remotely close to a 50/50 weight distribution with those cars because the rear diffs and half shafts aren't the most massive things ever. I wanna say the WRX has like a 60/40 weight distribution? With of course the 60 percent being the front. That's damn good for having all that crap up front.
  9. I guess having it set up that way is a good thing because it eliminates the need for a front drive shaft and a front differential. And plus good luck fitting a trans and transfer case in a WRX in the conventional way. I don't think there's enough room to fit a T5 under the middle of those cars lol
  10. grrrr... don't make me break out the cars illustrated article, again.

    and I suppose you don't know what aluminum is, like to smoke fags, have a big arse, etc... Or is that all bollocks, too? Stop being a cheeky monkey, and anyway it was still spelled wrong: in Britain they cash cheques, not "checques." :p Cheers, wanker!
  11. Haha, I would let all this go, but you're still using very exciting phrases like "blow their doors off". The only people getting their doors blown off by the ST are the people driving base model Foci.

    Meh, apples and oranges. The Corvettes of the day were making 180-something.

    Are you forgetting this?


    There was also this:


    My buddy talks about the fit and finish of his WRX, but I guess I don't see it...? I also have no qualms driving an almost 30 year old car without AC and a tear in the driver's seat, so I'm a poor judge for that I guess. :p
  12. It is kind of funny, my buddy's WRX makes like 18ish pounds of boost, and he says similarly-modded WRXs make around 275 at the tire. SOOO much huffing and puffing for not a lot of power, haha. But, the car doesn't weigh any much more than a Fox, has AWD, and makes all sorts of cool noises with pressurized gasses.
  13. 18 PSI for only 275? You gotta be kidding me.
    A 302 at 18 psi would make some ridiculous power. Once, only once though.
  14. You should probably stay in Germany. The Euro-trash is rubbing off on you. :D

    Nah, I didn't forget them. They just happen to be :poo:tier :poo: boxes. Call them the "sub-compact" of their day if you will. ;)
  15. All my import buddies have a hard time wrapping their brain around why we 5.0 guys don't just trow turbos at our junk and make 700 HP. They just don't get it... There's nothing to "split" in their inline-4s, hahaha.
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  16. This guy has embraced the :poo:tiness of his :poo:box, LOL!

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  17. By the way, I'm not going to lie- I bought that issue, got about 5 beers in, and wrote them a scathing email, berating them for running that article, haha. Ahhh, I've got too much time on my hands.

    I'm just afraid there will be another incident like the Probe/Mustang debacle of the 80s. This Focus ST garbage is a slippery slope. We, as consumers and car enthusiasts, need to make sure Ford doesn't get too high and mighty on their FWD campaign.
  18. Wow, I have seen threads go off topic. Off on a tangent. And off the deep end. This one did all three!

    I have owned multiple Fox Mustangs. They are fun, light, and can be made to feel like a go-cart with a V8 strapped in them. They are great cars. Now, being 42 years old and getting fatter as I type I have to say I wouldn't trade my 94 for a Fox. I love it. It feels as if it is put together a lot better. It feels more solid I guess. It is a bit slower than the Fox. But just as much fun. I love it just as much in some ways, and more in others than my old Fox Stangs.

    As far as the aftermarket though parts are slim pickin' for the 94-95. That is the only thing I don't like about the car. You don't have the choices of aftermarket suppliers fighting to make a better part. So you have to settle for an inferior part. But I think it makes people more creative not having a huge supply of bolt-ons available.
  19. It's only cool if it's packing a 460!

    Hey man....gotta keep up with the Jones. If Ford left that hole in their line up, some other manufacturer would fill it. Did you have an equal amout of distain for the SVT Focus, or the SVT Contour when they were around? How about the Taurus SHO old and new? Oh....what about the Lightning? After all...it too was trying to be something it wasn't? Trucks are meant for towing and hauling drywall after all? :scratch:
  20. That is hilarious!