Mach 1 So anyone know about tranny's?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by STANGALANG, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. I have an issue with my Mach. I think I messed up the synchro's. I guess to many power shifts:( Anyway if I try and shift to second with any type of quickness it will grind. The rest of my gears are perfect still. I'm looking for cost effective fix. Can anyone tell me what they think I have wrong and around what it will cost to fix? Thanks Oh BTW I'm in Jacksonville Fla now and I see alot of Mach's up here. If you live in the area hit me up sometime!
  2. Last time I had a 3650 rebuilt in the 01 GT, it wound up costing $1300-$1500, been 2 years ago so I am not 100% sure. That one had the bearings start to go. This time when the 3650 in the mach started making sounds at me and the shop gave me a quote I decided I would rather spend the money it would take to rebuild the old one and buy a new 6 speed. :) No more funny noises!
  3. Thanks I was afraid of that. Whats it cost to throw in a 6spd and whats the level of difficulty? Thanks for the replies
  4. I had a shop put mine in for me and parts and labor came to just a hair over 3K. Had buy tranny, modify the cross member, shorten the driveshaft, and I had to buy a shifter. Dropped it off on a wednesday morning and they had it ready friday night.