So how old is everyone?

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  1. ill be 18 on september 19th
  2. 37, married and own a decorative concrete company.
  3. :lol:
  4. I'll be 24 Oct. 23. I work for Flexsteel furniture. I'm a vol. Fire fighter. Nothing exciting
  5. 22, in my last semester of college. :jaw:
  6. I turned 35 in May. Married for one year as of July 23rd. certified machinist by trade
  7. Welcome to the SN 94-95 forum:SNSign:
  8. yeah, welcome! what city in TX are you from?
  9. Talk her into going to C-130's, then apply for an overseas assignment to Germany....good times
  10. Thanks, I live close to Beaumont. I'm mainly in the fox 5.0 forum, but I posted in here.
  11. 20...
    Double Major, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I graduate with both in 2009..

    I work for an Engineering company who does cooling systems for digital and power electronics.

    I love my job/major.
  12. 21, Tech at a ford dealership
  13. Close to Beaumont eh. My grandma lives in Silsbee do you know where that is?
  14. 19, pre-med
  15. Yes, I dated a girl from there.
  16. 18, at the savannah college of art and design majoring in industrial design...
  17. 48, retired, married 26 years, 6 kids and 2 grandkids with a 3rd on the way. If my wife doesn't stop giving me new jobs around the house I may get a job, no...not really. I find that I spend more time waiting on parts for my stang than actually working on it, although I am slowly getting it built up the way I want it.
  18. I'm quoting her
    I assume that's a no on her side :shrug:
  19. 21, and a sorry ass job as a tile layer!!!!!