So who's married?

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  1. For me, it will be the end. I'm 20 years old. I like being able to spend all the moeny I want on my car. I like only owing responsibilities to myself and the government. I like being able to see every movie that comes out. I like waking up when the alarm clock goes off - not when a child cries.

    Marriage will mean the end to this.

    I love women and I love children, but geez, I do not want to give up my freedom anytime in the foreseeable future. Sides, I thought I met the right girl once a couple years ago. She didn't agree. Haven't been happy with a woman since.
  2. Went to work at a grocery store after my freshman year in college. They put me bagging. Looked up and down the checkers and went to the prettiest one and started working at her register. One thing led to another. We had 39 years of marriage, mostly good, sometimes really great, before cancer took her from me 3 years ago. She left me 2 wonderful kids. And she loved the Mustangs, too. Got her driver's license in the first one (289 4-speed).

    Don't let other's marriage problems deter you. It can be wonderful if you find the right one, and you are both determined to have a good one. It's up to you. You gain so much more than you "lose"!!
  3. man im 18 and not married, and that almost made me cry. i cant wait to be married *sigh* and everytime i think of losing "her" (whomever i marry) i just almost go to tears.
  4. Im gonna go ahead and agree here with skywalker. I'm seventeen years old and i know marraige will be like living with your parents. Always someone to answer to. Many of the mustang addicts i see pray for their cars to have problems so they can upgrade. Their wives hold them back on the greatest hobbie of all time. I would consider marraige in my mid 30's to early 40's (Watch me end up married by the time im 19 cause of what i just said).
  5. Everyone needs a girlfriend like I have. She has a great job and funds my racing habit without any questions, and I don't question the 600 pairs of shoes laying around our house. I'm 24 and getting married in april of next year.
  6. been with the same gal now since 1984,, where did the time go ??

    marriage works best if you have common interests, things to share, and do together. Fortunately, my wife likes Mustangs. So we spend a lot of time doing things that are car related..

    her tastes are very similar to mine, I had a 67 Shelby and a FIA Cobra kit in the garage. She wanted a car too. She said that she wanted a 68 Shelby GT500 KR convertible, candy apple red, with a black top/interior, automatic and a/c.. She clarified that she didn't want some lime green repaint car either, she wanted it originally optioned that way.. a couple years go by and I find a car almost meeting all of her requests. The only thing off, was that it was a regular GT500, and not a KR. So she said she would make do...
  7. I met my wife at a KFC staff party. (neither of us worked at KFC and it was more of a kegger than a staff party).

    Anyways, I was drunk and repeatedly made an ass out of myself until she jumped on me and started punching me in the face. I must of said something cute because she gave me her phone number and we hit it off from there.
  8. 21 almost 22 nope not married hopefully not for another 5 years but you never know life throws curves when you least expected.
  9. I met my wife when I was 34. I was dating a 2 little (18 year old) switch hitting dancers and a great little 21 year old viet namese girl at the time. Asked her (future wifey) out and immediately dumped the others.

    I'm a huge fan of marriage, it's the best, and believe me I did the single thing about as well as anyone did. We dated/lived together for 3 years before we got married and really got to know eachother. I can not imagine life without her and my boy 3 years old.

    The thing is, when I asked my girl to marry me I didn't do it because I wanted to get married. I did it because I wanted to be with her and she wanted to be married. I didn't see much to it. However the morning we were married I was on such a natural high it was amazing. It hasn't stopped in over 6 years.

    Marriage to the right person is GREAT. Marriage to the wrong person sucks. Enjoy the hell out of being single. Wear it out. That way when you get married there will be nothing to regret.
  10. Was Married! Now a happy single Dad of two!

    I met my Ex at a Mustang club in the early 80's, first friends, then dating, etc. Many good years, then .........( No details here, but her doing)

    My only advice is wait if you feel you are not ready yet. When it is time, you will know it. Be a couple, work on everything together. Compromise and communicate.

    Enjoy yourself! I sowed many a wild seed in my early 20's, was able to quiet down later on.
  11. Sign me up for one of those.

    Actually my girlfriend does a lot for me. She has a way better job than I and she is always dragging me out to do things I enjoy (including driving a couple 100 miles to attend a SCCA SOLO event) that there is no way I could afford to do on my budget. The best part is that she is there to enjoy stuff with me. It is really nice to have someone around who you enjoy spending time with. We've been together for a couple years now, and I think I'm going to ask her to marry me soon.

    Oh yeah and I was also one of the wierd guys who wanted to get married young. That didn't work out and I would be 30 before I had my first serious relationship with a woman.
  12. Very well said Eric. :nice: :nice: :nice:
  13. Married, almost six years, two kids, boy and girl.

    Anything worthwhile has to be worked for. I knew my wife as a friend for seven years before we dated and got married at 29.

    Don't let other peoples experiences rule your attitude. Good or bad.

    There's always plus's and minus's from every aspect.
  14. I was married for 16 years, divorced for 14 years. We married for the wrong reasons, so don't marry just because you feel you need to. I've "dated" many women before and after marriage. I've finally found a true friend. We can laugh and cry together. We both introduce new things to each other and have fun doing them. All of my friends who have successful marriages have a spouse they can enjoy life with, same goals, etc.

    (If they like Mustangs, all the better) :D
  15. If you were to talk to me about marriage this past January, I would have said the same exact thing.

    But then i met someone who really changed my opinion. She's married though, and was married at 18. But she's already told me that if she weren't married to him, that i'd be in the picture. And i know that if i were married to her, things would be great. So i think about it all the time now.

    I saw an old movie once, where the female lead said, "No guy is ever ready for marriage...that is until he meets the right girl." And i completely agree with her now...
  16. I met my wife in high school when I was 17 and dating one of her friends. I believe her exact words to her friend were "I can't believe you would actually date that guy". Then later when I was jst turned 19, she was dating one of my good friends who screwed both of us over at the same time. We then found a common enemy and 3 days later were an item. That was over 9 years ago, we just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on the 15th of May.

    Life is good.
  17. I've been married for... WOW 7 years??? - I met my wife at of all things a college buddy's wedding- I saw her and KNEW I had to get to know her.
    She felt the same about me and dumped her date (I felt bad for the guy but "they were just friends".) Been together ever since.
  18. That's kind of funny - a buddy of mind met his wife in pretty similar circumstances. He was at his desk at the office playing up some minor injury he had over the phone to all the chics he knew, one at a time (kinda cheesy, yeah, but it's a good story, none-the-less). His wife to be just started at the company, and was sitting in the cube across from him, and had to listen to the story several times, until finally, she looks at him, offers some unkind words and ill will, and goes back about her work.

    They've now been married for some 5 years, and have three wonderful kids...
  19. 25 now, had a live in girlfriend for 6 years (we met in High school) and was about 3 months from popping the question (waiting for her to graduate college) When some how we came to a fork in the road I went my way and she went crazy..... JK we just grew up and not in the same direction ...after I worked and she went school for 5 yrs I was left with the dogs, the house, my cars and trying to figure out how to get my own degree???????????? Now living the single life (which I never had before) and enjoying it thoroughly.. not to say it's better or worse it's just completely different ...eventually I'll find one and settle down but not having to worry about when I come and go is kinda nice.
  20. I'm 35 and happily married. I can say that with a smile on my face, because I mean it. I actually met my wife when I was 19 and just had broken up with my cheating ex-girlfriend. I went to my younger brother's work (Burger King) and I saw her there. I had to get to know her. He set us up and we've now been together for 16 years.

    Here's the quick rundown:

    1988 Dating begins
    1990 Moved into a small 1-bedroom apartment
    1992 Married
    1994 Bought house
    1995 1st Daughter is born
    1998 2nd Daughter is born
    2000 Wife allows me to chase dream of owning/restomodding Mustang

    It's been a struggle financially, but we both have always said that money can't buy you love, and that's what we both believe that we share. We know of many couples that have more money than us, but they don't get along like we do. I hope to have her for the rest of my life.