Sold The 2v :(...welcome Saleen S281 Sc :)

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  1. How have you guys been?? Havent been on in awhile. I just sold the 2v and Purchased a 20k mile Saleen S281 SC #372. The car is amazing! Sleek, agile, handles well, has decent power (465hp), brakes amazing, looks amazing..! Very happy with the purchase. I will like to share with you guys because the 2v section along with the 5.0 sections was my home since the early 00's.







  2. Looks sharp!
  3. Thanks :) Hows the Zinc Yellow stang doing? I see you have a built bottom, heads and a D1sc now? :) I plan to mod the Saleen just a little lol.

    3.00 Pulley
    Dual gt500 pumps
    60lb injectors
    Cold air
    plugs and tune :) Still learning about these 3v motors lol.
  4. Yup. I decided to quit messing around. Complete Manley bottom end, race ported heads, new valvetrain, and the D1 @ 16psi. Im still braking in the motor so no ET's or dyno #'s but its easily 500+rwhp
  5. Sweet car. You forgot engine pics. :D
  6. That one sweet car!
  7. Just posted this in the 3v section but I am going to post here as well. Just picked her up today and Detailed her with some Poorboys world products ;)

    Cleaned with Spray and Wipe
    Hand applied Nattys Blue...Nattys Red is going on this Saturday than I can start my Nattys layering of Blue, Red and white :)
    Finishing touches with Spray and Gloss
    Bold n bright on Tires
    Natural look on leather and interior






  8. Sweet ride, just dont let my wife know you allow drinks without screw top lids in your car, Ill never hear the end of it.
  9. Beautiful car. I want one.
  10. Nice buy! Im not a big fan of the Saleens rear but overall its a great looking car, I really like the all white look. I bet its hard to keep clean. Btw do you still have the Fox in your avatar?
  11. That is one sweet ride my friend.. Welcome to the Saleen Family. Check out the two Saleen Clubs online...
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  12. There are Saleen clubs online? No foolin? :p