Just Sold The 2v And Purchased A Saleen S281 Sc :)

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  1. How have you guys been?? Havent been on in awhile. I just sold the 2v and Purchased a 20k mile Saleen S281 SC #372. The car is amazing! Sleek, agile, handles well, has decent power (465hp), brakes amazing, looks amazing..! Very happy with the purchase. I will like to share with you guys because the 2v section along with the 5.0 sections was my home since the early 00's. I guess the 3v section will be my new home :) So hello to my fellow 3v members!







  2. Wow. That looks really nice!!!
  3. Sleek looker, congrats
  4. Was the E wheels an original option, or was that added by the previous owner?
    Mods, or plans to? Basic pulley, air kit, tune really wakes them up.
  5. I was thinking about starting with a 3.6 pulley, cold air, x pipe and tune. Than when I get use to that run the 3.4 or 3.2 pulley and add the dual gt500 pumps. Any recommendations or am I on the right track?
  6. You're on the right track. I used to work at JDM Engineering in NJ, and as much as I am critical about some of their business practices, they are no doubt the best in the area for the 3V Saleen cars, practically had a factory backed program. The tune will make a huge difference in the drive by wire. Keep in mind you may need 60's on smaller than the 3.4. I think you'll be really happy with those upgrades without breaking the bank and can spend otherwise on appearance/suspension, etc. People who tend to go farther than that in my experience are on a slippery slope to eventually a built motor, fuel system, and twin screw.

    It was unpopular at the time, but I'd really recommend a 10% or 15% over doing the 3.4. It's expensive, but creates a lot of torque and helps a ton with the belt slip issues. A thump_RR tensioner is also an expensive, but effective, upgrade. Skip the braces and grinding the tab off the stock tensioner and all that crap.

    About those wheels?
  7. Thanks for all the input I appreciate it :). So do you recommend I go straight for the 3.4 pulley? If I go with the 3.4 I can still remain on the stock fuel system? I believe 2007 uses 39lb injectors. So all I would need is the cai, 3.4, belt and the tune or would I be better off with the 3.6? For the wheels...I am not really sure to be honest. That is a good question and I was also wondering the same thing.
  8. Yeah I asked because those are the "Extreme" wheels and were never offered factory in a color matched option. I really prefer them over the spoked wheels you see on EVERY Saleen of these years.

    Yes, I would suggest going straight for the 3.4, cai, tune. The exhaust is your own personal choice for sound, the car will make good power regardless. You'll be right at the limit of needing 60lb injectors on the 3.4 on stock pulley on 93 octane.
  9. hmmm how can I tell if my car is the extreme model or not? I know they come with a built motor and are pullied to the moon but any visual differances?
  10. Just picked her up today and Detailed her with some Poorboys world products ;)

    Cleaned with Spray and Wipe
    Hand applied Nattys Blue...Nattys Red is going on this Saturday than I can start my Nattys layering of Blue, Red and white :)
    Finishing touches with Spray and Gloss
    Bold n bright on Tires
    Natural look on leather and interior






  11. Yes, a few. Yours is not. They also come with the Watts, the suspension, build plaques, etc.
    The gauge cluster you have on the center console was also an option, whether added at the factory or end-user.

    From our previous conversation, yes you do have the 39lb/hr injectors