Sound advice not just for pet owners but husbands as well!

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  1. long before i was married one of my cats, Butthead, did that when was a kitten and his tail got caught in the (very heavy) front door to me and my roommates old apartment. his tail was very crooked afterwards and he was impossible to miss with that crooked tail. it was an almost perfect 90 angle straight back.

    for anyone that is wondering, yes, he was named after the MTV character Butthead, he had a twin brother named Beavis, that was my roommate's cat.
  2. I was at the vet clinic one day and a lady was coming in with her dog. As they were coming through the door, it closed on the end of the dog's tail and degloved the last 3" of it. Blood was splattered all over the waiting room and the lady felt so horrible (she was just bringing him in to get shots).

  3. he was doing the laundry???????????????????????????:shrug:
  4. Damn.


    Shoot I'm so sorry. I hoped they tore the place down after I left.
  5. Well, it looked like that when I was back there in February; but the long-term Army residents say that it's looked like that for a loooooooong time :rolleyes: :p

  6. Leesville/ Ft. Polk, proof that somewhere along the course of my younger days I pissed off a 4 star somehow, and he sought his revenge on me when I joined and came time for my first duty station. To quote friends back in Az, the armpit of the army. But, the people I hang with here are pretty cool, and in some sick twisted sense of oh well maybe its not that bad, I did meet SVTCobra306 here.

  7. Yeah, when Rita Smacked us last year, Leesville had several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to the town.... and the town looked pretty much the same except with some fallen trees, and every redneck's nightmare: the taxidermy shop was in ruins! Nooooooo!

    I was the only person living in my little "neighborhood" (a dirt cul-de-sac with 2 duplexes and an apartment building with like 6 apartments) that cleaned anything up for myself. Everyone else simply left branches and leaves scattered everywhere, and let the Nasty Guard come and clean it up. On the plus side, FEMA had no problem re-embursing me for buying a rake, a pair of work gloves, and a box of lawn&garden trash bags from Lowe's!

    Don't think I'll be having issues with cats in my dryer... Since my W/D hookups were placed in my garage, I got a stacked unit with the dryer up make room for my rollaway toolbox of course.... Anyway, if a cat ends up in my dryer (which is nearly 6 feet off the ground) everybody can rest assured that it had help getting there and I was aware of its presence when turning the dryer to "towel dry". :) j/k

  8. :chair: :mad: Yeah, and here I was thinkin it was just your dad who had issues with cats...

    On the plus side, I can say that at least its the truth about your dryer being up 6 feet off the ground, as I do remember standing on my tiptoes to pull laundry out of it.:rolleyes:
  9. Don't feel bad, AJ; Trish had a cat that really had "issues" with the xistance of other cats! One day, I watched Patches shoot across the road at about 20 MPH and barrel into a larger cat in the neighbor's carport (had about 5-6 pounds on her); knocking him into the back wall. She bit the other cat a couple times and stalked back across to our yard and parked under "her" tree; watching that tomcat like a hawk. When he finally staggered to his feet (about 10 minutes later), she shot back across the road and chased him down the street. :lol:

    1 pound cat with about 3 pounds of hair and 20-30 lbs of attitude. :mad: Can't imagine where a cat belonging to Cowgirl Tink would learn to be like that. :p
  10. I just have to ask, was the cats name FLUFFY?:D
  11. Here's a thought:

    I'm guessing that this is EXACTLY what dumb kitty needed!

    I've got a dollar that says dumb kitty stays out of the dryer from that day forward. :D
  12. I still would like to hear that dumb owners learned to close the door!
  13. But if you close the door you wont cook the cat:D pay attention:rolleyes:
  14. Yeah, but if you don't close the door, the microwave won't come on!

    Oh, wait a minute. that's for Gremlins, not Cats!
  15. Well...

    If kitty DOESN'T learn... there are certainly other uses for him. :D




  16. Now wait just one golddern minute! I finally convince Our Evil Overlord, Mistress of Malignant Metal and Keeper of the Closet Key to allow me to prop the Door open to get some fresh air in here, and now YOU want to close it again!:fuss:
  17. Well DUH! If you prop the door open; there's no reason for the Closet Keeper Chick (and her golden-haired twin sister) to stand around. Close the facocte door and they'll have to come back!
    Yeesh! :rolleyes:
  18. Then quit blowin your assgas around here and stinking up the joint!:mad::fuss:
  19. okay... Dad did you have Turkey again?