Sound advice not just for pet owners but husbands as well!

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  1. Don't even get me started on THAT! He comments on my pepsi can mountain, his 101 proof bottle mountain is TWICE as big!:eek:
  2. Ok, here's a thought about this whole cat in the dryer thing, maybe the husband is the one who actually went for the ride and just took the cat along for the ride?!? Because everyone knows that cats are always innocent. :D
  3. Ahem..... she doesn't mean Wild Turkey (which by the way is nowhere as good as C.C. Classic or Jim Beam Green Label); she's talking about the foul fowl, that big honkin' bird on which 'Muricans pig out every third Thursday in November. I've got this small problem with tryptophane - instead of making me fall asleep, it ummmm.... interfere's with my digestive tract :rolleyes:

    And, no, Trish...... it wasn't me eating turkey. It's Fritz every time he takes off those turnout boots! :puke: :rlaugh:
  4. Yikes. I'm sorry but best intentions or mistakes aside owning a pet is like owning a child, sure things happen but you always have to be aware. Not leaving doors open or dangerous chemicals about, things like that. It's a responsibility not an item.

    I've got a full house as it is and couldn't help another needy animal and keep my sanity. We have a female mostly white Calico name Minou (french for kitty) who turned 21 a month ago. An 18 year old male tiger named JT, and my 4 year old Chocolate Chesapeke Bay retriever named Bosco all owned since babies. 4 months ago my wife brought home an 8 week old female stray mix that was in the middle of a highway next to two squashed siblings that we named Josie. I love them all like children even though I was mad for 20 seconds about the last one but I want to start a real family soon damn it!
  5. You named the two squashed sibs Josie...??? :scratch:
  6. Why do I constantly forget that I have to speak v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly in threads you are in like I'm talking to somoen who's 5?:nonono:

    How's this? 4 months ago my wife brought home an 8 week old female stray mix that was in the middle of a highway (next to two squashed siblings) that we named Josie. :rolleyes:
  7. NOooo, Just use proper grammar and punctuation, you're NOT in Texas anymore!:nono:

    See! Much better!:D
    Although I did think your post was much more interesting when the two squashed sibs were named Josie, but I'm guessing now that they were the ****cats?:shrug:
  8. Oh, a wise guy. Knyuck knyuck knyuck.