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  1. I just ordered a spare tire kit from Partscheap for $224.00 plus $24 for shipping. My 2012 v6 convertible came with only a compressor and a can of tire sealant. I don't feel comfortable driving without a spare. The sealant ruins the tire pressure monitor and throws off the tire's balance and I wouldn't recommend using it. If you're interested, don't wait too long, as the price of the spare tire kit keeps on going up. Also, if the tire's sidewall is damaged, the sealant won't work at all.
  2. Hope it fits. There's a reason why it comes with the compressor and not a full spare ;)
  3. I have thought about this too, let us know if there are any issues with fitment.
  4. The reason is that Ford wants to reduce their corporate gas consumption average by eliminating the weight of the spare tire and jack. The kit I bought is a doughnut tire and jack that has now been released by Ford for the 2012 to 2014 mustang. The size is 17", as is my wheels.
  5. Thought he had picked up the 19" wheels. I got the kit instead of a spare because the Brembo package has 19" wheels and a spare wouldn't fit in the spare slot. I figured it was a similar reason for the V6.
  6. what about just using a smaller spare with the Brembo kit? Should be enough to get you home with...
  7. A smaller spare might not clear the front calipers on a Brembo equipped car.
  8. Oh sh- you're right!!

    then it was obviously a cost savings for ford to not have to engineer a steel wheel that cleared the brakes.
    just get roadside assistance thru your insurance company. Mine costs like $1.50 a month and covers tow bills
  9. I don't think that's the reason. GT500s have Brembos and come with spares (or did, not sure if they still do) so Ford makes , or used to make a spare that clears the brakes . I believe it's to save weight and improve fuel economy as some one said earlier.
  10. I still think it was a cost savings. Doesn't the spare tire come "standard"? That way they can just substitute a bottle of sealant for a spare tire and wheel. A spare tire kit weighs under 50 lbs, removing this weight alone will not make a measurable increase in fuel economy. And if it did, and Ford was so concerned about it, then they would have done this across the board on all GT's if not all mustangs. Just my opinion though...
  11. I believe it's only on Brembo GTs that the spare is removed. Regular GTs have them.
  12. My Trackpack equipped 2010 GT didn't have one either. It came with the pump and slime. And I'm pretty sure '11 and up V6s don't come with spares either.
  13. Need to watch the clearance around the Brembo caliper. With the stock 19" wheels, there is very little clearance between the wheel and the caliper
  14. Did your car come with run flat tires? I wouldn't want to drive a car very far from home without a spare.
  15. No they come with what Ford calls a tire mobility kit, basically an air pump that runs off the cig lighter and a can of slime.