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  1. Hey guys I want to document as much info as I can when I start to install my Vortech V3 Si supercharger. I am by no means a professional or mechanically gifted. I should be receiving my kit around the 28th of July.
    I will post videos and document the hardships of installing a kit onto a 90 mustang. This progress thread is for the regular people without much experience with working on cars in general. I have never pulled a trans or motor. Never changed much of anything except the oil, plugs, cap,rotor..etc.. I did many years ago put a timing chain on a 87 cutlass supreme.. So that is the extent of my mechanical knowledge of vehicle's. I will be dropping the tank and installing a 340 lph pump, installing 60# injectors, 80 mm pro m MAF, Anderson power pipe and the Vortech V3 Si tuner kit... I would say I'm mechanically inclined and can troubleshoot arising problems. This is just a regular guy installing a SC kit and documenting the progress. Be it easy or hard you will likely be helping me along the way. This community is GREAT~!

    I have a stock block 306 recently rebuilt with forged internals 9 or 9.5:1 compression, x302 heads, cobra intake (will be replacing intake eventually), 1.7 roller rockers, bbk shorties with x pipe and tail pipes, 3.55 gear, front to rear frame ties, milidon 7 quart pan, and Tremec z spec HD 5 speed. I ran a 13.701 @ 106 with a 2.195 60' time. (was my first time ever going down the track). With regular street tires 245 45 17's. I think with the right tires I would definetly be in high 12's N/A.. So with this SC I'm hoping to get mid to low 11's.. possibly really high 10's...
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  2. I couldve used it
  3. Looking forward to it!
  4. My kit should be here before yours but you SAID that YOU would be making the video so I'll hold you to it! Why the use of 60lb injectors instead of 42s?
  5. Cool, I will say tuned. I like a good "DIY" vid. However, I have installed two of them.
    Believe me, if I can do it so can you. LOL
  6. For future upgrades. My blower is capable of 22#'s of boost. I will be at 7 to 9 for now but we all know how long that will last.
  7. :nice:Gotcha!
  8. Hardest part of the install is tapping the oil pan. You need to take a deep breath when you are drilling a hole in the side of it. I use some RTV around the side of the bung.
  9. My kit dont require oil lines. All v3 blowers have self contained oil systems.
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  10. Fortunately for most guys this is a thing of the past. The V3 designation on any Vortech will indicate a self contained head unit
  11. Like i mentioned in the gauge thread take a look at my build . Lots of pictures any questions give me a shout here.
  12. Well dropped the tank today and removed what was suppose to be a walbro 255 pump but was a denso fuel pump. What I found out online is that it was a 96 mustang(possibly cobra) pump. From what I read it was like 160 or 190 lph. Again no clue any of this info is accurate just what I searched and came up with. Either way its not the 255 that the guy I bought the car said it was! I will be installing a TI Auto F90000262 fuel pump. It is better known as the Walbro 405 or 400.. This pump was not made for the fox body but what I have read, its not that difficult to install. Tomorrow I will document the procedures and what one has to do to make this pump work in the gas tank on a 90 Mustang.
  13. Remember that in a return style fuel system that bigger is not always better. The fuel that doesn't exit the fuel injectors into the combustion chambers, gets circulated back to the fuel tank where the cycle repeats again and again. This causes heat saturation of the fuel and is not desirable.
  14. X2^ I would think a 340 would do the job plus its a bolt in plug and play installation.
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  15. I guess anything over the 340 LPH is over kill?
  16. I have the pump installed. Wasn't to hard. For an extra $25 I bought the kit that has the hose, clamps, a couple wire connections.. etc it also had a adapter for the factory wires. I didn't have to do any kind of wiring at all. I was going to take some pics of the install for the ones that would like to know but, I was filthy and didn't want to dirty up my camera. After I installed the Walbro 405/ TI Auto F90000262 fuel pump, I put about 2.5 gallons of 93 octane fuel in. I started the car and normally the fuel pressure gauge was on 33ish and when I revved it up to about 2800 rpm it would drop to 28 ish.. Now with this new pump it was at 42 and when I revved it up to 2800 rpm it jumped up to 47/48 ish.. I will adjust it tomorrow but as for now its doing better already.. Ohh.. I also noticed that my idle was slightly up about a 170 rpm ish from 680 ish at idle to 850 ish.. It sounds like its idling better and a bit higher. Not sure how a new pump will mess with the idle but that's my observation's.
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  17. I didn't want to think I wanted to be sure.
  18. Several things come to mind:

    You're going to be pulling a lot of timing as that fuel heats up. Even if the SC is aftercooled.
    I run about 150 more HP than you're shooting for with a 255L fuel pump.
    I hope you have plans to regulate a pump that pulls enough amps to pump 340 l/hr. Things like voltage spikes, headlights, HVAC, and electric fans are going to make tuning interesting. A 3G alternator (if equipped) will have the juice, but not the skills (so to speak).
    It's very possible that you're bypassing as much fuel as is possible through your current regulator. It's also possible that more (by-pass) is necessary given the small demands of your combo and the large capability of both your injectors, and your pump.

    Do with that information what you will. Good luck.
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  19. How long will it take my pump to super heat my gas until it affects my tuning? You make it sound like a pro mod fuel pump. Its not much bigger than the stealth 340.
  20. You are running 550 to. 600 hp with a 255 pump?