Stock heads...Will I benifit from 1 5/8 shortys or 1 1/2

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I got my gt-40s of EBAY for 197.50 to my door. Awsome deal. Assembled,cleaned, checked, and CC'd. Cant beat that. The gt-40s are a great budget head. Just search the classifeds on hear and and there are bound to be set RIGHT NOW somewhere. Dont pay anymore than 350-400. You may get lucky like me and get a set for cheap. Just search around.
  2. yea but i wouldnt really know what to look for if they were good or not..and i dont feel like takign them somewher eto get them looked at...being used i mean...i see that they are 500-600 new? that seems like a pretyt good deal..which ones do i want though? there are gt-40x, turbo swirls? gt-40p? which one am i looking at?? i want them to bolt RIGHT ON fully assembled and want them to go with the frpp shortys, and new gt-40 intakes
  3. Ya but they are 529 for if you got a 1000 dollars to spend on heads dont buy those.
  4. hmm i see what you mean...well what about the irons then..where can i find them NEW..and which ones do i want man
  5. You can get NEW assembled gt-40p from CENTRAL COAST MUSTANG for 600. There are many places that you can get them. But they require different headers...but you are getting new headers anyway. And the ones that are special for P heads will fit the regular heads also. The stock ones will not really fit well with the p heads revised plug location. SOOOOOOO But if you are going to get 600 iron heads you may as well just save up and get a set of wicked aluminum heads. There is many places that have gt-40 p. Also roush iron heads are good. World heads are good. There are heads out there that are better than gt-40. You may want to check out is a guy who sets up E7TEs that outflow the gt-40 line. They are 550. They bolt on. freshly rebuilt with new everything.
  6. hmm..ok...the thing is...i dont wanna get wicked aluminums because i dont wanna blow apart my 165,000 stock rings/ etc. engine...ya know what i mean...irons wont blow it apart as much right?
  7. holy **** these thumpers look nice..any problems with them from anyone did you hear? or are they quite good heads?!
    which one do i want there..number 1 or number 2??
    also are these a DIRECT bolt on for the things that i listed..stock cam, rockers
  8. I would get #2 cause they have the good springs in them. If you get a cam down the road them you will be ok.