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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Big Don, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. dammit........we were SSSSOOOOOO close to a world without britney spears:(

    it would have been better if she had that ****-smoking boyfriend with her, and they both died a horrible, flaming death!
  2. I believe no woman should drive a car with 400+ hp. That's just crazy. That's like putting a 99 year old grandma in a civic. :D
  3. Hahahaha!! Nycivic is gonna say something about that!

    Don, LSU is going to beat FLORIDA! We have a really good team this year. A lot of top recruits choose LSU over other big name places this year.
  4. Thats kinda crazy, I don't believe a 360 Modena can't do 85 in second. My car can do that:rolleyes: .
  5. Hey, how long you figure before the moderators get annoyed and shut down this post? I'm taking bets. 5 virtual bucks gets you in.
    My bet is 3 full pages, ending in a post by NYCivicsi. :D :D :D
  6. No last post will be by Dale because he'll saying something about imports then close it. :D :cool:
  7. Hehehehe
  8. Oh yeah! How could I forget...
    well, we're up to 2 pages now, if my predictions are correct, someone should start flaming on imports, right aboooout....
  9. Stupid 4 cld imports. They are sooooooo slow and they look sooo funnny with those huge wings and fat pipes. They sounds fuuny... kind of like a bunch of pissed off hornets.
  10. That last post was prely a joke. I don't really feel that way. Ok so i do but not all imports just the riced out ones. Actually I am starting to like the sound somewhat. But not the ones with huge pipes the ones with half way normal exhuast.
  11. OK, now its your turn NYCivic :D
  12. haha, how dare you steal the custom title I created!!!

    hehehe j/k.....IT WILL BE MINE......:eek: :D
  13. not with your subpar level of posting...
    you need to step it up a notch, add more witty one-liners and other posts that no one could possibly find constructive
  14. We need a topic to discuss in this thread, because this is just postwhoring! Someone think of a good topic?
  15. hahaha LOL!!

    This is a start i guess. :D
  16. monkies enjoy bananas
  17. they sure do Timmy, they sure do!
  18. Skewl starts tomorrow :( . Its ok though cause I graduate in December :D /:cool:
  19. Topic eh? Discuss you say?
    Do you think my Mustang could beet a Civic?
    C'mon you guys! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! :D ;)
  20. Hahahahaha! You are wrong for that!!