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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Big Don, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. <div id=x name=x style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0;"><img id=walkingspot name=walkingspot src="" width="50" height="50" onclick = "stopspot()"></div>
    <script language="vbScript">
    dim ttt
    function moveit()
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            if ( < screen.width - 200) then 
                ttt = setTimeout("moveit()",400)
        = 100
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            end if
    end function
    function stopspot()
           clearTimeout ttt
           walkingspot.src = ""
    end function = 100
    ****ing sucks.. why aint it wokring
  2. BTW VB script is off:lol:
  3. works in all the other ****ing forums so far...
    Purgatory and test :shrug:
  4. yeah, that wasn't the only thing you two did...:p :D
  5. Woooo! I'm BUMPING this so all my oldie but goodie SN members come back :) I MISS U ALL!
  6. I'll be damned if I didn't get a reply notification. What a pleasant suprise.
  7. Thats EXACTALLY why I bumped it :)
    Yayyy Don :) Remember the good ole days?? :D
  8. Well if it ain't nearly 3 years later.

    It's probably been a couple years since I posted.

    Whats everybody been doin?

    I'm in mechanical engineering at NC state. Exams on the way.

  9. Well I'll be damned! Welcome!
    I actually rarely post on Stangnet anymore. just thought it would be fun to bring up a old thread!

    Lets see...
    Linz has become a kindergarten teacher at a private school. I moved out of my old house and live in a pretty little town house. I traded in my previous truck (01 chevy silverado) for a dodge ram hemi, just to tow around my horse and my car (88 5.0) to go to the track on the weekends :) I've got a new boyfriend (Honda Hunter over on Mustang World.. ya he's a mod over there) and.. hmm.. what else... I dunno, I drag race all the time. AND I HAVE RED HAIR NOW! ;)
    I'm done modding the veesix. If I do anything else to it, it'll be appearance. But theres not much left to do to it. I spend all the money on the 5.0. I'm gonna go back to school! Yay!
  10. Never thought I'd see an email from this thread again. :) But it's nice to see it didn't get deleted.
  11. Ah yes, the good old days.

    I'm feeling Silver's pain, I'm in Mechanical at Auburn and Finals are way too close for comfort.

    Still got the '69 fastback, but it sits in my parents garage in Birmingham so I never get to work on it.

    Other than that it's all school.
  12. back from the dead this one is... page 63 :spam:
  13. Its been a long time since i've seen you on stangnet.

    Hey Linz
  14. great now im gonna be up half the night going through all my old post and watching them build hot rods on TV :nonono:
  15. this thread is immortal... hell, i think its been here longer than i have.:doh:

    i've just been busy with the usual bs (work+school). good to see you guys posting again.:nice:
  16. whoa!!! unbelievable! Whats up everyone? :)
  17. Wow. this thread is amazing:eek:. Glad i can add to its posts. :rlaugh:
  18. I got my paint today and my Saleen replica is on its way. next week i hope I will have a degree in power plant tech(pending finals results :nonono: ) :bang: . and a kick a$$ car. I can't wait untill i can hit a thousand or so posts. ha. like that'll happen. :rlaugh:
  19. I don't get it :(
  20. This thread is from a long time ago... the old v6ers remember it ;)