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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by talladam, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. I've played around with my tweecer rt to get a better idle, remove smog, etc. But I was wondering, how do I know what changes to make? I've datalogged a few times but what do I do with it then? Does the tweecer suggest changes to make or do I need to review each datalog with a fine tooth comb and adjust from there?
    I currently don't have a wb o2, but am waiting on my DIY wb o2 from

    I use BE and EA instead of Caljunk.

    Maybe I'm an idoit,
  2. What changes have you made?
    Are you still having any issues?

    EA proposes some tune changes...
  3. Take a look at what I had posted on eectuning

    I guess I just haven't played around enough with the tweecer to get EA to suggest a tune/change. I imported datalogs but didn't really see what to change, scalars?, not sure what I am supposed to change. When entering hp and all the info I have into the one tab (not on the laptop with BE and EA at the moment) all the numbers were skewed.

  4. Adam,
    I scanned through the eectuning thread....

    EXACTLY what changes have you made to the .bin file? (you should be keeping a list of all the parameters you are changing...)
    Are you using CalEdit to load a file to the tweecer?

    I guess I'm not really sure what you are asking...
    do you want smoother idle?
    more power?
    better economy?

  5. Better economy is what I'm shooting for as a starting point. I'd like to really know how to use the tweecer before I put my 351 in the car. I've got the list of what I changed at home, at work right now.

    I guess I didn't really see the tweecer suggesting any changes, just wondered where I should look.

    No I'm strictly using BE and EA, no caledit or calcon.

  6. Adam,
    When you get a chance post up your current tune changes.

    Look into the DFSO (Decel Fuel Shut Off) settings for some mpg improvements.
    As a starting point you can copy the DFSO scalars from the X3Z tune.
    I had to tweak my DFSO settings a little before I was happy with it, but the X3Z settings were fairly close...

    That should help a little, but I am assuming you have already gone through the MAF Transfer and Injector Slopes/Offsets..........

  7. I'll have to fire up my laptop when I get home tonight. I've loaded the W4HO (95gt) transfer for the MAF but haven't messed with the injector slopes/offsets, not really sure what to do with those, still have the stock 19#'s. Fuel Pressure is at stock setting.

    What I've done so far.
    -Compensated for the 80mm TB (overkillf or now, long story).
    -Loaded 95 GT MAF Transfer.
    -Disabled EGR
    -Added timing in the WOT vs Advance section. 6deg is added starting at 3k or 3500, can't recall at the moment.
    -Adjusted Idle slightly.
    -Disabled the CEL.
    -Moddified the rev limiter to around 6k and 6500, can't recall for sure at the moment.
    -Removed the speed limiter which never seemed to work before.

    Thats about all I can think of at the moment. Just trying to get prepared before spring, car has been stored since end of November.

    I used to run my car at 16deg advanced by adjusting the dist. When I got the TwEECer, I set it back to base and only used the ADV. vs WOT.

    I appreciate the time you've take to answer my posts.
  8. I found out what is causing drivablility issues. i.e. sudden loss of power like the motor is flooding with the throttle body fully open. My logs show the ECT going to -246 and ACT to -60 (or similar). Not sure why this is happening but when I go back to the #5 position (tweecer bypass), everything is fine.

    I double checked my settings.
    - disable cel/egr/speed limiter
    -95gt maf transfer loaded.
    -ADV vs WOT is increased from 3500rpm on up a total of 4 degrees.
    -.72 TB airflow, based on datalogging for two minutes with the iac unplugged and then averaging the outcome.

    I even loaded a strategy from a 95 gt on position 2 to clear things out. Put the switch to pos. 2, turned key on, waiting 10 seconds, pump ran continously, turned car off, put the switch back to pos. 1 and started it.

    That's all I've done so far.

  9. Adam,
    I don't want to seem like I am shrugging you off, but I'm not sure what to do with your ECT/ACT issues.

    There have been some weird things reported with CalCon an BE (older versions of BE, I think Clint fixed something recently...).

    Check out
    (if the site ever comes back up....)
  10. Anybody happen to know where I can find the link to the fix for the weird data reading for Calcon??
  11. Make sure you have the current version...

    If that doesn't help... :shrug:

    then move on to BE...

  12. Adam mentioned something about deleting the CEL, what is that?

    One more thing I was curious about was TB air flow. How important is that? i have HCI but my TB flow is stock and my car kicks over and idles surprisingly well. Every time I have messed with it, my idle gets twacked out.

  13. Eric,
    I assumed Adam was disabling the emissions junk to 'delete the CEL'.........

    I don't think I ever got around to changing the TB Airflow on my tune...
    My 408w with a 70mm TB idled ok...

    With your stock TB you shouldn't really need to, but it may be interesting to check anyway.