Subframe Connectors & Soft Take Offs

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  1. so I'm going to take my car to the strip for some fun runs (my brother called me out, lol) and I haven't had the chance to install my subframe connectors. I plan to take off as I would from a red light but more aggressively. I have a basic bolt on stock long block, intake, throttle body, e303 cam, ect. But I also have a 65 wet shot that I wanted to run as well.

    would it still be a bad idea to run the car without the subframe connectors? The body has over 300K miles. Gears are 3.08 and tires have mediocre/decent traction.
  2. It should not cause any issues at all. But weld the SFCs in as soon as you can.
  3. You'll be fine
  4. I predict blowing the tires off instantly, negating need for them.
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  5. You'll be fine. But also agree weld them in ASAP.
  6. Weld them in as soon as possible, be safe and have fun!!