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  1. I've been thinkin about getting a supercharger for my 96 cobra and i was wondering which brand you guys recommend. I've been leaning towards procharger for lower price w/ a intercooler. Im looking to run a safe amount of boost so i don't have to worry about the internals going out on me. But also one that i can up the boost if i decide to go forged internals later down the road. I wanted to go turbo primarily for the badass sound of the bov, but too expensive for what i want to use it for. im lookin to spend about 4000, cheaper is better. Any input will be much appreciated. thanks
  2. I went with the Procharger on my 96 Cobra. You will have to add to the price the cost of injectors (if you go with the 10psi kit), a new mass air meter (Lightning), some sort of realistic modification for the power steering cooler (I made a new bracket and added an aftermarket cooler behind the left front driving light (about $45 total). Then you will probably need a custom tune which can cost $300-$400, more if there are "complications". So far I am $750 into dyno time and custom chip burning, out the cost of a new chip, a full Bassani exhaust, a more powerful fuel pump, etc. Optional expenses that I added were guages, guage pod, fuel isolator and fittings which added another $400.

    My point--It will be expensive no matter what kit you get. Look at "what is included" and consider that you SHOULD get a custom tune no matter what kit you get. If I had to do it over again, not sure I would have done the Procharger, probably a Vortech.

    On the plus side, the car now has a stupid amount of horsepower.
  3. well im not looking to go too far into boost b/c i don't want to have to do modifications to the internals for quite sometime. Im just looking for a kit that will give me more power when i want it, but doesn't hurt my gas mileage when just driving shifting around 2k. Right now im averaging 24mpg so im pretty happy with so thats why im leaning towards centrifugal blowers because then i only get lots of boost when i want it so im not wasting gas. Im not looking for an insane amount of horsepower just at most 450. the plus i saw with procharger was that for about 3300 you get the kit and intercooler, and later down the road when i get forged internals i can up the boost, increase injector size, etc. And about the tune, im already figuring it to be a mandatory thing, was just wondering if it would need chip burned or if there is a hand held turner that will work for the supercharger tuning and that will also work on it n/a so i can use it both ways rather than having to buy new ones. thanks for the help
  4. Trust me, it is going to cost more than $3,300 when you have it done--read my first post again as you will need to spend some of the same money I did to get the HP you are looking for. If you want 450 at the wheels, it may take more than what I did. If you want 450 at the crank, then you can go with less boost and forget the injectors that I bought (run an FMU). Regarding a handheld, well that is your call, I wanted to keep my motor together so I paid someone to make the tune safe and ensure it was done right as I have no experience with it--I understand the process, but have never done it myself.

    As for gas mileage--it takes well over a quarter tank to go 50 miles with my car. I definitely am not getting 24MPG--maybe 15 driving really nicely. Driving nicely is tough to do when running a SC though. :rolleyes:
  5. 97 Cobra
    6 lb intercooled procharger
    x pipe, flows, injectors, SCT meter, and a tune. thats it
    Factory headers, TB, intake, etc
    420/435 at the wheels
  6. was it the sct xcal2? Because the more i think about it, i want to throw on a supercharger, but i really want a 99/01 cobra so i think i would rather wait and build up the car i really want instead. But im still undecided. If i get the supercharger now im not gonna run very much boost until i build up the engine. im only looking for at most 450 at crank, thats why i don't wanna mess with injectors. I've been reading up more about superchargers and i do have a question and is with centrifugal are you always in boost, just not very much at low rpm or does it only kick in after like 3000rpm, just as an example. B/c if it kicks in later i don't see where that should effect gas mileage, or course keepin it out of boost won't be easy. Also does anyone have any clips of what the procharger sounds like when driving? im really curious to hear it.
  7. I'll update my sig for ya. All for 4k, not including installation.
  8. How about a KB? You would have a nice street car with one of those.:nice:
  9. Ya i was thinking about a KB too. The only thing is that im wondering is that, please correct me if im wrong, with the Kb i would be in boost all the time and i want to avoid it, if i can with a supercharger, so i can drive it at low rpms, retain good gas mileage until i step on it. i know a supercharger doesn't go with good gas mileage but i don't wanna waste money on bolt ons that won't give near the power of a supercharger when it would probably be more cost effective to go with the supercharger in the first place. plus with the kb i would have to remove the strut tower brace i think.
  10. Nope, you can stay out of boost w/ a KB too. Now whether you can get one w/ all the other stuff for 4K is another question. Not sure on the STB either.
  11. thanks for the info. After looking into the kenne bell im leaning towards it alittle more but its the fact it doesn't have an intercooler(course it says it doesn't need one) and i'll have to remove the STB prob unless i don't, that im still leaning towards procharger only b/c of the lower cost and it includes the intercooler, no injectors, but i'll only be running 6psi at most w/ stock engine so i won't need them. Any more suggestions? i appreciate all the help. And does anyoen have any audio/video clips of the diff superchargers on 96-98 cobras, im interested in hearing how they sound too. thanks

    oh yea cold96snake was it 4K for the supercharger and tune? And no intercooler?

    one more quick thing, i think the answer is no but i wanna double check. Can i run underdrive pulllies w/ supercharger? cause i got 200 bucks to spend on my car and i was lookin at getting sum. If not what should i get?
  12. Ok,
    1st, you'd need an intercooler w/ a KB because of it's location on top of the everyting, and injectors, and at least a boost-a-pump, which I'm sure KB will sell you, will run a bit more.
    2nd, Procharger's not a bad deal, because the IC is included, BUT you'll still need fuel upgrades.
    3rd, I'd honestly think about going turbo if you're seriously thinking of going w/ a KB. The turbo kits usually come w/ a front coil-over kit.

    Now, let me tell you why I went w/ my set up.

    1st, you don't need a cooler if you keep the rpms down, except for a few runs at the track and can get a good tune. The alum. blocks cool quickly.

    2nd, KB's are not easy to install.

    3rd, For the price of a KB kit, I'd go turbo. Of course, it'd still be harder to install then a KB, but you'd really be unlimited in the potential power w/ forged goodies.

    Nope, can't run U/D pullies. Get 4.10 gears.
  13. k thanks for the help. So the procharger comes with FMU i thought that it would be enough as long as im not using a lot of boost, plus i still would feel better having an intercooler b/c im not built in the motor. The vortech's aftercooler, that i found, is like an extra 1000, maybe i was looking at the wrong one, but i'd rather pay for fuel upgrades if i really had to and have the extra power and saftey of an intercooler. Hellion power systems is coming out with a single turbo kit for the 96-98 soon i think. So i may wait to see wait they'll charge, i know it'll be around 6000 but i might go with that. I'd still rather go supercharger so i dont' have mess with custom headers that would come with they turbos.
  14. As far as I know, the Procharger does Not come w/ an fmu thus the need for fuel upgrades, but I could be wrong..
  15. According to their website it does thats why im leaning towards it so about 3600 for the kit and lets 400 for tune(just guesstimating don't know how much they cost) doesn't sound too bad to me.
  16. Turbo is the way to go for sure if money is not a problem. Lots of plumbing with a turbo, but unlimited power potential with a built motor and lots of boost. That would be my dream to turbo my 04' down the road. :nice:
  17. ya turbo would be sweet, but its gonna be about double the price of a supercharger, and i don't need that much power. Not that i wouldn't want it though:D . Its not that moneys a problem i just got to save up from work so its more of how long i want to wait.

  18. the dyno time,tuning,and chip/program will run well over 400, just fyi
  19. k thanks for the info. Do you know if that includes a chip/tuner or is that more?

  20. I paid close to a thousand dollars on my dyno visit, this included:

    Bypassing of FMU and installing new fuel lines
    Switch chip with 7 settings and glove box controller
    Dyno time 3 runs
    Programming of chip , 3 settings out of 7
    SCT MAF meter
    installation of each

    It was so worth it, car went form 400/34x at the wheels to 420/435 at the wheels and runs very hard for only 6 lbs. A/F is perfect all across RPM band.

    i hope this helps, you individual experience will more than likely be dictated by the tuner and his willingness to discuss your goals and his tuning ability/experience