1. Ah! The romance of outlawed red-lead primer!

    What do those wheels look like from the front?

    Do they use trimrings?
  2. ROMANCE?!?!? :fuss:
    Just like the M - 500s, except argent paint instead of chrome, chepsk8 says they used trim rings, but I'm gonna run without......:shrug:

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  3. Ah yes, that's what I thought they were! The young guys won't have a clue what planet those came from! They actually remind me more of MGB wheels than anything else. And yes they had beauty rings that really made them look sharp.

    One of these days I'm going to have to get my rear axle shortened so I can ditch my hubcaps and taurus wheels and get some old school rims like those!
  4. I got them from WORTH last year, along with the V-8 spindles, calipers and other parts I needed for the disc brake swap.
  5. They are going to look real good!

    I thought you got the spindles from me.
  6. Thanks! So's that 8" rear!:nice:
    I got TWO sets of spindles that day, theones I got from WORTH had all the disc brake stuff (original '65 equip.) and the ones you gave me have drums. I used the disc brake set-ups and I'm saving the ones I got from you to either "swap meet" or "pay it forward"..............

    The "project" for this winter is going to be sort through and separate out and catalog all my "spare" parts.

    I discovered yesterday that the problem I was having with the outer tie rod end on the driver's side was because MU sent me the wrong one the first time around....it didn't fit the spindle! The new one I just got in fits perfectly!

    Yesterday I also managed to plumb the MC to dist. block, and the dist. block to the front end.....I just have to finish those ends once I install the calipers and hoses, plumb from dist. block to rear (once the undercarraige is done) and bleed the system.:nice:

    I didn't touch the undercarraige yesterday, I was getting too frustrated the day before in my efforts to get it stripped. (DAMNED red lead!):mad:

    Now if the tyres will just come in.....................................:shrug:

  7. Are you planning to flush the system and fill it with DOT 5 silicone brake fluid?
  8. Might as well use DOT5....the entire case of DOT3 that Fritz had stashed away was consumed by a couple of Hungry-Gingerbread-Trunk-Monkey-Men at the last Gutter Party :lol:
  9. Cheap Booze.
  10. :fuss:
    So that's what happened to my DOT 3!:mad:

    I dunno whether I need to flush or not, the only items in the brake hydraulic system that has seen brake fluid (DOT3) were the MC and dist. block, everything else is virginal.:shrug:

    I still have an S-load to do before I have to worry about bleeding the brakes....................
  11. Old pal; you have no idea how much "force of will" I'm exercising to keep from commenting right now......
    :nonono: :lol: :rlaugh: :nonono: :lol: :rlaugh: :nonono: :lol: :rlaugh:
  12. Man, what chicken $h|t! I set you up with a perfect straight line to slum dunk and you "resist"! :nonono:
  13. You really want me to do this, huh???


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I have to clean up for 6-7 days before we have Closet/Gutter parties! :nonono:

    There, you happy now?
    In light of the fact that this is a FAMILY site, I will not even touch anything about:
    A.)The condition of your brake system parts (except the M/C and distribution block)
    B.) "Bleeding" the system.

    That's just too sick and wrong
  14. Even for Closet Critters and Gutter Goonies?:scratch:
  15. Yes, even us.

    Idunno, maybe that "Founding Member" stuff is just making me feel.... old. :shrug:
  16. :p:rolleyes: