SVO Burnout Pics...

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  1. I layed a pretty nice burnout in the SVO yesterday, thought I'd post the pic (This is at only 15psi btw):


    Here are some I did a while back, one of these days I'll have to get some action shots while the smoke is rolling and some video...:

  2. nice;)

    now how about pics of the svo doing burnouts?
  3. I have a hard time taking pics of myself doing burnouts...I'll give it a shot though ;)
  4. engine mods?

  5. haha i like the spots where the rubbers missing... must've had some hardcore shifting going on at those points. :nice:
  6. hey man 2nd pic shows a lot o fthe dump the clutch and grabe the brake burnouts. What happened to the "use all 3 pedals at once"

    If you're lucky you'll make it more than each week on a clutch.
  7. I sat beside this guy shifting one time.....yep hard core shifting. It makes me feel bad, I move the shifter the same but I don't use the clutch so the end result is the same.
  8. should know better...just click on the link to the SVO in my sig for mods...

    351W...My feet are too small for all three pedals...and I seem to get the job done with two pedals at a time. Clutch has lasted about 6 months so far...I don't use the cheapo stock replacements like you though!

    Oh, and you're saying you don't use the clutch at the track? I tried that twice...then fragged the pressure plate...never again! Oh, and I wasted my trans in the SVO today...well, I locked it out of first gear anyway.

  9. Yeah when I quit being cheap I got a decent clutch. It's been good since july.

    Yep, no clutch, the very most I do is let my foot hover and take the slack out of the linkage, just in case. I can tell when I rip it out of gear whether it will go back or not. .........100% stock transmission sort of....stock parts anyway.

    Do you think the shift linkages broke?

    By the way I tore the T5 out of my sonoma 2 weeks ago.. :nonono: ..I told dad and he was nice enough to not ask any questions.

    And the cougar ate a convertor the very next day.

    I feel ya dowg.
  10. naw, it just messed up the slider for 1-2...just like it did a while back...I can take it apart, grind on it a bit with a file and put it back together if I wanted to...I won't this time though.
  11. definately keep it around though.

    when you say slider you mean the collar?
  12. Hell, I don't know the real name...I call it a slider because it slides from gear to's actually the splines that it slides on that get a little mangled...
  13. can we all say (Na-SSS-T)

  14. ...................



    I'm glad you do all the abuse stuff to yours. So that I know what I COULD do hee hee.

    Yesterday, I opened her up in 2nd let her pull sideways hit third topped a hill and let it drift sideways in 3rd. Satisfying, yet easier on the drivetrain. :D

    Please maintain your driving habits, it's like long term SVO test driving. We owners thank you. I'd like some braking tests and some cornering test's, w/ photo's and video would be awesome and just let it all hang out after loss of traction occurs.
  15. Dude it's flat there. Have I ever mentioned that?

    What's the status on the LX?

    Any Merks operational?

    Is the svo your wheels now - which if so is very cool.
  16. Braking and cornering tests coming soon (if you mean hitting the breaks and doing donuts...which it does better than any car I've ever been in).

    I wondered how long it would take for the flat jokes to come of these days I'm going to go east, or south, or north out of town just so you guys see it's not as flat as it seems...don't you think I'd find the flastest, straightest road around to screw off on? Wouldn't want to have someone pop over a hill to find me in a cloud of smoke at the bottom you know...:eek:

    LX is the daily driver...gets about 800 miles a week put on it now...

    I can say one thing about the's sure made my LX alot more reliable now that I have something else to beat on ;)

    Merks are still without keys (little neighbor kid stole them and then lost them)...I'm still working on that.

    The svo isn't my wheels...unless you mean the thing I come home and beat the piss out which I'd say yes.

    The SVO does absolutely NO cruising except when I'm driving to the track which is ~45 miles...that's the ONLY highway/easy miles it gets. It gets about 8-9 miles per gallon if that tells you anything. 120-130 miles to a tank.