Svo fo sale (again)

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  1. Ite, people its time for me to get a more reliable car, so the svo has to go, This time it has only the shortblock in it and it will need rebuilt, and it comes with all the parts, except the head, the head killed the engine. iths autometer gauges (boost, a/f). It will need paint, the color is charcoal metallic. Has a great interior, many of the panels have been cleaned or painted or both, only needs a dash pad and shift boot. The ac has been disconnected, the lines have been cut, but it comes with the compressor and condensor and everything, just solder the lines together, vacuum the lines and add freon, Ive grounded all the grounds in the engine bay to be able to mount the batt in the trunk, just havent yet. the bi-wing is off and it will need redid with foam to support it. Thats about everything, go to to look at the pics everything comes with the car except the turbo and dp. $ 1000 FIRM
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    Thanks josh
  2. $1000... now you're just about talking my language.
  3. Well if you want to drive to georgia and throw er in yer trailer come and get it, only thing is that youll have to put an engine in it, project bolt on 2?

  4. OOO MAN!!... All is needs is a motor?? Now hows the body ? rust rot? sunroof? paint condition. Floors? Im interested in it
  5. Well I sold it, last last last thursday, the guy I sold it to had been wanting it for about 4 months so I sold it to him, sorry.