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  1. yeah... the STi ain't all that. I am very dissapointed with WRX that's why i'm gettin an 03 cobra or mach 1 in a couple weeks. AWD is the only thing it has. it can ONLY win from the line, if it can even. the 03 is too powerful, and the same price the cobra is such a better car, supercharger, T56, better looks, sound and a warranty. the STi is almost maxed out and with mods won't get #'s like the cobra. even if i get a mach 1, do gears , exhaust, shifter and headers they couldnt keep up. and from a roll a 96+ cobra with a couple mods would prob beat an STi.
  2. Am i correct to say that the Evo is basically the same as the STI in mitsubishi form? Im just trying to get all my competition down

    For a while i was debating between getting a cobra or the pretty sure im gonna go with cobra
  3. The Evo is a little slower in straight line racing but it's a little quicker than the STi in the twisties...
  4. Well both cars cost about the same, so it make sense they have about eqaul performance. The new trend unfortunately is for faster smaller cars powered by turbos.
  5. I think u had that wrong...the evo does 0-60 in 4.6 seconds (motortrend). The wrx is better in the twisties. I like what was said about the sti being maxed out with the stock mods. Most 4 bangers aint gettin' more than 300 hp and still being a daily driver. Hail the V8 :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  6. Got back from the track today. three evo's. The best time one ran was a 13 flat which was my buddies which has a couple of mod. Don't know exactly what. There was also a new STI which ran 13.4. Turds :notnice: but fast as 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' for a 4 banger.
  7. That may be true for your average Joe Blow since it will make him better with AWD. HR only got around a 2.30 60 foot on the Cobra and the sti was well below two flat. I'll guarantee it if Evan Smith was driving the 03 he would have topped it by 2-3 tenths.
  8. Be careful with those four-cyl cars. There are some here in Jax that waste bolt-on 03/04 Cobras. Most people around here aren't dyno racers like a lot of people on forums, so I don't really know most people's dynoed power. But one car that is waiting on tires or something stupid like that made 514 rwhp SAE on a very consistent chassis dyno. It's a civic hatch. And I think the motor is a 2.3L... There are actually a lot of 12/11 second 4-cyl cars out there, it's just all the 16 second morons with shopping cart wings that we always "see".

  9. Every comparison I saw, the Evo owned the STi everywhere except speed. I used to sell Evos, and let me tell you, it is NOTHING but a REGULAR LANCER on steroids. Seriously. Every interior piece, save for the badass recaros, is EXACTLY the same as a $17k Lancer with a whopping 120hp.

    They are fun cars though. Handle like a f'ing go kart on rails. But, before boost kicks in, you have absolutely nothing in terms of power. But once it does, you're in for a ride.
  10. I ran an SRT-4 recently... It was pretty much maxed out with 18 # boost and a 75 shot. With that, it ran a best of 12.7 (ran a 13 to me at the time) at 114. On the other hand a cobra with 18 # and a 75 shot... Now thats a very different story...
  11. He can't drive. 114 is good enough for high elevens...
  12. "He can't drive. 114 is good enough for high elevens..."

    You knw, blanket statements like this are SO misleading. Maybe with it being a turbo car he wasnt seeing very good 1/8 mil;e tmes but made up for it on the back end. Maybe he needed to build some speed, maybe 3rd gear pulls like a raped ape and he built alot of speed coming out the back.

    Hell a cars trap speed is only an indication of what is theoretical, not what it is necessary capable of.

    So I am to assume since my car traps 112 and a RT-4 traps 112 that we should both have the same 1/4 mile time?
  13. The RT-4 should actually have a lower ET with proper susp mods. It weighs less.

    And if he can generate that kind of mph then he is absolutely capable of 11s with tires and maybe a boost controler IF he is getting some magical high boost in one gear. And this is an AWD turbo car. He can get into boost very quickly and he can launch like it's nothing.

    Look, I said it's "good enough for" 11s. I'm not saying that driver could do it. He obviously can't if he's running high 12s.
  14. I don't understand the big problem people have with STi's and EVO's. That's what some people are into. Why is that a bad thing? The reason they say they will beat you is that they don't know the potential of the 03-04 Cobra.

    Stock for stock, the Cobra will probably take the Sti. Modded, same deal. Unless the STi has undergone major surgery, a modded Cobra will take it out no problem.
  15. You know i have had people that tell me a non-sti wrx will take an 03-04 cobra 0-60...I watched someone race an M3 in a stock wrx and he pulled ahead for about half a car length in the first 2 seconds and claimed "He owned the m3."

    I just dont understand peoples reasoning...
  16. Man, I test drove an evo and an 03 a while back, and there was no comparison!! Though the evo had some kick to it, I still felt like a wuss in that little car. Then I drove the 03. . . . . yeah, I felt like a total hard a** !!! :cool: anyways, :puke: STI :puke: EVO
  17. Neon SRT-4's aren't AWD...they are FWD...thus horrid weight transfer at the line...
  18. I'm sorry, I referenced things very poorly. After the first paragraph, I was talking about STi's. And I know the weight transfer deal with FWD cars sucks, that's why I made the comment about suspension.
  19. evo's and sti's weren't meant to drag race. they're road course/rally cars.
    that's why they pull like .95+ lateral g's and slalom in the 70 mph range.
  20. evo's and sti's weren't meant to drag race. they're road course/rally cars.
    that's why they pull like .95+ lateral g's and slalom in the 70 mph range. so, no, their not gonna beat a supercharged v8 in a drag race.