swapping 07 v6 to a v8

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  1. can any one tell me how difficult and what is needed to swap a 07 v6 to a v8. if im not mistaking it can be done with a 05 or newer v8 but what wlse is need to make the swap
  2. Just get a GT. Time, effort, and money will be saved.
  3. I honestly have to concur. You'll essentially need a V8 car for parts. It can be done, but it might not be worth the effort. The resale value will never be that of a GT either.
  4. +1
  5. When you think about all the little parts that are needed it would be very, very pain staking. :)
  6. you'll need: engine, trans, drive line and rear-end, the engine computer and wiring harness, to start.

    From there I'm guessing, a V8 fuel pump, a V8 radiator, possibly V8 motor mounts, a V8 exhaust sytem, either a V8 rear valance or you'll have to cut yours for dual exhaust. The GT brakes are bigger in the front, the calipers are the same but you'll need GT rotors and the GT caliper mounts. The GT speedo goes to 140 plus as opposed to the V6 which goes to 120.

    It can be done, others have done it. Seems like a huge job, but don't let that dissuade you if you really want to do it.
  7. Not trying to be an ass here, but if you have to ask that question, you don't need to undertake this project. So many things need to be swapped, it's not as easy as an older mustang. I wouldn't even think of doing it. Forget what's needed.

    You can go out and buy a slightly used GT (05-09 dirt cheap thanks to new body style) that has already had it's depreciation deducted. Your work is done, and you definitely will spend less doing so. I would strongly, strongly reccommend doing this.
  8. It is interesting that all the experts offering advice on this issue have absolutely no experience swapping engines.

    The issue is entirely the computer in the car. There are after-market closed loop induction systems that will allow ford v8s to run autonomously, in any car. You will need to install after-market instruments (tach spedo, oil, water) just like a hot rod.

    The downside is keeping the car licensed. In some states, like the one I live in (IL), you have to get an inspection ever few years and they plug into the obdII port to check engine codes. If you make your mustang into a hot rod, it ain't gonna have a computer to check.

    The damn government is the real problem.
  9. It's interesting that you know nothing about anyone in this thread, their level of expertise, or their experience with swapping engines, yet you seem to believe you do. I would like for you to find me an aftermarket EEC that will operate the 4.6 3V's cam phasers. Here's a hint: they don't exist.

    You'd likely need to swap the entire fuel system, brakes, dash cluster, complete engine harness, etc. It's a very large undertaking for someone who has done swaps before, and unfortunately, I have to agree with the statement that Justin mentioned above. If you have to ask, it's probably a lot bigger undertaking than you're prepared for. Sell it outright and buy a GT.
  10. Matt, it must be burden to know everything. I would wager that you have never never torn a car apart in your life.

    If you ever get your hands dirty, you'll find that when you change drive train components you look for the simplest solutions.

    I am confident that someday, with a little after-market help, somebody will put a new drivetrain in old s-197 V6 Mustang body.
  11. LOLOLOL :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    It's people (and attitudes) like yours that keeps me posting in threads like this. I have a classic, and have done an engine swap (302 to 351). I know what is involved. I've also researched what's involved on newer mustangs (01-up). It is not worth it. I said it would be cheaper to buy a new GT, and yes I am right. You can find good ones now for under $18k. Problem solved, and assembled by people who know what they're doing.

    And if you have to ask this question, again, sorry but you shouldn't be doing it. Unless you want an off road car for the track. This is so much different than even 10-15 years ago. I'm sure in the next 10 or so years it might become easier, but as of now, it is not. Also to add to the OP, the law about the is engine you must find one newer than your vehicle in most states. i.e., if you have an 07, you can't grap a 4.6L from an 05 or 06 GT.

    You obviously don't know just how much is involved whtv6vert, so try not to put people down. Him of all people. (Moderator)
  12. You're right smart guy, never turned a wrench in my life. I didn't swap out my engine with one I built with the parts listed in my signature, and I didn't install my Vortech either. :rolleyes: Tell me something, your highness. If it's such an easy project to take on, why haven't you done it?

    I get a kick out of know it all members like yourself. Not only do they not last long because they storm out of here with the "taking my ball and going home" attitude from the constant correction they receive from more knowledgeable members, but they're just a good source of entertainment in the process. You are correct, one could half ass the job and put on some sort of aftermarket ECU on an engine the car never would have been equipped with from the factory, have to install aftermarket gauges because their hack job necessitates it, won't be able to pull codes for the million drivability issues they'll have, will have to write their own complete tune for the MegaSquirt (or equivalent aftermarket ECU), will need an aftermarket fan controller of some sort, will need a new fuel system (no ECU to control the variable speed pump), and if it's automatic they'll also need a trans controller, but we can't all be such great mechanics like yourself that those are actually non-issues. And that doesn't even get into the legal issues of having no OBD-II ECU come emissions time. So yes, I'll take that wager of yours. How much money are you willing to lose? :rlaugh:

    And again, I have to agree with you, Justin. :nice:

    I'm not too concerned about him trying to put me down, even being a moderator here. The only thing that's going to end up hurt is his pride.
  13. I have to agree, this is entertaining to watch unfold.
  14. Do you guys have girlfriends? Maybe you should look into that instead of getting absolutely anal about being the smartest guy in Mustang cyberspace.

    People use this forum, for the most part, to talk about what color they like best and how an after-market exhaust sounds. This ain't rocket science.

    What's lacking here is a little spirited repartee with a sense of humor. Mr. moderator, you've probably noticed that there are not a lot of posts in the V6 tech area. Wonder why.. because it ain't interesting maybe?

    Lighten up, get a girlfriend and quit spending so much time with online ****.
  15. Wow, when you have nothing left to say in the way of tech and you've lost the argument, just make personal attacks, and do it to a mod at that. :nono: Enjoy the infraction for that one.

    What's needed here is people who have any technical sense to correct misinformation when we see it. If you don't find Mustangs interesting, maybe you could take up a new hobby? I hear stamp collecting is a real hoot! :rolleyes:
  16. well to answer the OP, yes it can be done. I saw a V6 to V8 conversion in one of my Mustang magazines I read. But that being said, people have also gone to the moon. It will be a HUGE undertaking even for an extremely experienced mechanic. Don't let that stop you if you are determined to find a way to make this swap. Just be aware of what an overwhelming build it will be.

    All the comments of 'trade for a GT' aren't made to be mean. They're made because of the enormity of doing what you're asking about. We're talking about almost completely stripping your V6 down and starting over. Just think about how you'll do it, search out someone who's actually done it and ask a zillion questions. And be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. But, you will have a unique car and be 1 of the few who've done it.

    I've been working on cars for 35 years, I wouldn't attempt it unless I had alot of time, alot of money and a car I didn't need to drive for 6-12 months. Even then I'd have in my mind that I may need to return it to stock at some point if I got stuck.

    Check with the state about emissions testing obviously. But as long as you swap in a motor that's at least as new as the one you're replacing, and it's an engine that was available in the car you're swapping I think you're OK. But I'm no expert in that field so some research can save alot of heartache later.
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    Gee Matt, are you a great guy or what? "Let[ting] it slide the first time".

    My final advice to you is the following:
    Move out of your parents basement, put away your action figures. Go find that girlfriend we talked about, and then maybe your forum will be a little more interesting.

    I've followed the V6 forum since April of 2005 when I bought a convertible to enjoy the summers with, and it has never been an interesting read. It is mostly a lot of autocratic pontificating by contributors that haven't got a clue what they're talking about.

    I logged on yesterday to see if there was anything on a fuel gage sending unit issue that popped up on the '05, and was quite frankly disgusted with the drivel on this board.

    You seem to think being a moderator is akin to being a hall monitor in grammar school, handing out demerits and narcing on your chums. If you are going to do this kind of thing, inspire the conversation and draw people in. Make it interesting and informative. Believe me, nobody gives a damn about how smart you think you are.

    Matt my boy, grow up a little bit.
  18. This question pops up every once in a while. I should permanently copy my response to my desktop to save time, next time. :D

    It can, but it's not worth it at all. The last time it was just a motor swap, would be the fox bodies. Buy the essentials with the EEC and you can go. Still doesn't compare to the classics transplants. I looked into doing it when I had my 98 V6.....Needless to say I went out and bought a 98GT after doing the research.


    You aren't going to be happy until they ban you are they? Went back and read some of your historical posts, and I have to say, you just sound like a troll.
  19. You obviously don't know when to heed some good advice when you receive it, and private messages are called private for a reason. Now you can troll other boards because you wore out your welcome here.
  20. He's just too smart for us "nerds who live in our parents basements" I guess.