t5 swap questions

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by njoliver, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. alright I bought a t5 with most of the stuff for the swap I rebuilt t5 it was total junk (new mainshaft,2nd gear, 1-2 shift fork, and complete overhaul kit, the input shaft was screwed up also were the pilot bearing rides so I tried to grind it down with a dremel but I dont know if it will work it seems a little loose on the pilot bearing. well as far as the swap goes I want know if I need a different computer, different driveshaft and a different crossmember
  2. your ECM & DS will be fine,although it would be a great time to switch to an Aluminum DS while you have everthing apart. as far as the crossmember, I think it will be fine also but not 100% sure on that. try using the search feature here on SN & see what you find. lot's of invaluble info here on this site. good luck with your stang!
  3. thank you guys. just looked through the west coast directions those are really nice directions thank you for that
  4. the only thing I need to find is the pedal assembly and Im not sure if I the pivot ball I am not quite sure what that is
  5. Ok, the pivot ball is in the bell housing, it is what the clutch fork "pivot's on".
    Also, I have a full pedal assembly (w/an aluminum quadrant already installed on it) out of my 91 fox that I am slowly parting out. haven't pulled it yet but it wouldn't take long. PM if you are interested in it. I also have other 5spd swap stuff from the same car. hd clutch,aluminum flywheel,ect.....less than 2k on the parts. let me know if you need anything.