Progress Thread Tanner's "there's Probably A Name For This Illness" Builds Thread

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  1. Update:

    The car, now named "Tiffany" by my girlfriend because it should have been a ring, has a flat tire in the driveway.

    That is all.
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  2. Was that flat tire caused by her? I already see the early demise of this car. Someone wants to get married! ;)

  3. :lol: I literally lol'd at these posts. Funny chit!
  4. Remember, happy wife happy life. Probably the only reason I have three foxes sitting at my house is because my wife is pretty well taken care of. But this is also one of the reasons I don't work on my project as much as I want.
  5. Not that you were suggesting anything but she's very well taken care of, the cars are very low priority and I think that's how it should be.
    We just like to joke around....

    I'm pretty sure she shanked it though
  6. Of course I wasnt suggestion you treat her any less than a princess that she is and my apologies if it came out that way. I was giving more of my perspective on my own here more than anything. Cheers
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  7. We're still talking about the car right? :D
  8. Yep, car will be NA for a good while while this inexperienced driver gets some seat time.
    The TH400 is there because boost is in the future, so odds are the car won't see a bottle.
    I'll most likely start piecing together the turbo system in the winter (if I keep the car long enough, mike)
    That'll mean changing the cam, heads, intake and exhaust but the parts on now should cover most of the conversion cost. Then we'll put an S480 or somethin to it and see how much damage I can do.
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  9. Then "we'll" put an S480.............

    Whose the "we" in we'll? You got a Malaysian kid like Scott used to have?
  10. We can't tell you
  11. @84Ttop @srtthis

    I'm looking for a cowl hood but can't seem to find the style I think I want
    I can't tell if this picture is it but I've seem them on a few cars where the cowl raises up to the 4" or whatever it may be but then slopes back down towards the windshield. Looks like to provide a lot better visibility. I had a regular 4" on my GT and a 5" on my old coupe and didn't care for them. I like the look of windshield length but
    Would like to avoid a lift off if I can.
    Any ideas?
  12. Maybe fab something where the hinges are in the front of the car? :shrug: Not sure if its possible on a fox.... Would make engine work a hassle, though.

    Whats wrong with a lift off?

  13. Been thinking about getting my wife a pool boy too. :chin
  14. There's nothing "wrong" with it really. It's most likely what I'll end up with. I just wanted to explore my bolt on options. Lift offs leave you with the "I need help getting my flimsy hood off", "now where the hell do I set it" or a roof covered in scratches.
    It looks like the hood I want will be a lift off, I just wondered if anyone knew what the thing was called
  15. You put the hood on this silly.
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  16. I found the hood, the search is over!
  17. Bolt-on? Name? Info please.
  18. Well the search isn't really over, it looks like it'll be a little hard to track down. I want a Joe Van O style cowl hood. They're windshield length lift offs. My understanding is he stopped making them a couple years and someone bought out the molds, Team Z or Schoneck, I'm not sure yet.

  19. I like those a lot! I know I'm eventually going to need a cowl hood also. Those look good. I would prefer a bolt-on over a lift off but fairly hard to find one I like for an 86(other than Harwood,cervinni,etc)
  20. DMC Schoneck racecraft I know for sure have them... feather carbon and team Z might. We use Schoneck 6" van o style on the nitrous car