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  1. Here you go everyone, a Technical/How-to thread index!

    This is to replace the current "Official HOW TO THREAD" with an easy to navigate index of threads and write-ups on some common tasks related to our cars. I stole this idea from Daggar, so I can't take credit for it, but this should be very useful to all the members, new and old. If you come across something that you feel should be added, please shoot a PM to the moderators of this forum to have it added to the list!

    87-95 Heads, Cam, Intake Install Help - 5spd GT

    94-95 Mustang Serpentine Belt Routing - Bullitt95

    Cranks OK, but No Start Checklist for Fuel Injected Mustangs - jrichker

    Common clutch part numbers and clutch installation write-up - 5spd GT

    Cylinder Head Removal & Replacement - jrichker/5spdGT

    EEC-IV Trouble codes - quick reference .pdf - StangGT1995


    How to check piston to valve clearance

    How to install headlights and foglights - davis3

    How To Install Radiator W/Mishimoto Brackets ****PICS**** - davis3

    How to install manual fan switches - CManT1914

    How To Install-Sequential Tail Light Kit ***pics*** - davis3

    How to install pedestal mount rocker arms

    How To Install-Poly Axle Housing Bushings ***Pics*** - davis3

    How to paint your dashboard - davis3

    How to remove and reinstall your timing cover - Danman765432

    How to replace fuel filler tube gasket - davis3

    In-tank fuel pump replacement - 5spd GT

    Need Seafoam 101: How to use - 94-302-vert/Chythar

    Pictorial Guide to Odometer Gear Replacement - Jinx102672

    How To Delete The A/C System ***PICS*** - davis3

    Surging Idle Checklist - jrichker
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.