TFS twisted wedge 170s

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  1. these heads are 2.02 1.60 with a .540 whats the best et anyone ran with these? has anyone used more lift on them? I am looking to run 11.7s with these with a custom cam.
  2. 10.90 with a stage one cam and 10 lbs of boost on one car and 11.20 with a stage one cam and 125 hit on another both with stock bottom ends. Those heads ported with a 2.05 intake and a pro charger have been high 8's in a car that my cam designer owns...

    Any more info on your setup?
  3. with those heads i will be running eldelbrock rpm intakes(ported) and a custom fti cam AOD with a silver fox vb and a dirty dog converter 4.10s..might sneak a hit on it
  4. My buddy joe ran a 10.92 with those heads and fti cam with a Holley systemax intake backed by astro a-5 trans and 4:10 gears with a stock bottom end

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  5. wow how much lift were on these cams?
  6. I dunno but Ed hooked him up with the perfect cam for his combo

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  7. TFS stage 1 is .499/.510 but there is a whole lot more to a cam than lift ;)
  8. im sure of it I was just curious